Tuesday Debates

In the debates today everyone is talking  about cats versus dogs and whether a cat qualified to rule the world.  I can’t imagine a sillier question.  After all, who is more qualified? There’s this sort of specist thing that we might have to chose between dogs and cats or some strange idea that dogs maybe more qualified (as if).  Let’s face it, cats have been ruling the world for centuries and we aren’t about to stop now.

Yes, dogs have their place.  People love them.  They distract humans so that we can get the work done behind the scenes that humans may not want done.  Who else but a dog could fetch slippers?  Who else but a dog would love a human unconditionally even when they go away for weeks at a time? Who else would want to do search and rescue? So, for those who think I’m specist because I’m a cat, let me be purrfectly clear. Dogs have a place.  They just don’t rule.  They try far too hard to get praise which is why you have canine obedience courses but no one ever set  that up for a cat.

As a cat, I take time to see all sides of the issues.  I would never just go outside and not demand to come right back in. I’m testing out all sides of that door to see if it’s worthy of my attention.  Just as I might love a food for weeks on end only to eat something else.  I need to test everything. I’m a cat.

I know that some think I’m lazy. There are hundreds of images of me apparently sleeping but what I’m really doing is considering this issues. I’m a thoughtful cat. If napping looks a little like thinking, is that really my fault?  However, don’t think I can’t take action. Show me a feather toy, a string toy or a vacuum cleaner and you’ll be amazed at how fast I can take action.

So remember, a vote for Chey is a vote for Purrfect Pals!

Answers provided by the Campaign to Elect Chey Ruler of the World.  One Cat to Rule Them All!


  1. Ruling the World comes so naturally to you Chey. I think it’s all your experience in running for Purresident.



  2. Well at least all of the cat-idates are aligned on today’s topics. See how great we all get along?

    ….still, you may want to watch your back. Cathy Keisha was just appointed my Chief Field Campaign Manager. ; )


  3. We like the way you think, Chey. Especially the part about testing out all sides of the door. HaHaMeow!

  4. Oh Chey we love the new look!! And you are the ONE Cat To Rule The World!!
    Howdy from your TX furiends,

  5. Chey, my point of view was slightly different from yours, but I have to say we both have GREAT arguments, and both are absolutely valid.

  6. Chey, you express very well why “Cats Rule; Dogs drool”
    Your arguments are sound. Go Chey !!!!!!!

    Purrs Tillie and Georgia,
    Tiger,Treasure,JJ and Julie

  7. We just happen to think that dogs are pretty darn special too. We love our two doggies. We don’t like that this election has turned to dogs vs cats.

  8. Very logical and sound arguements Chey. I always wondered about the door thing and now I know!!

  9. Great job Chey and what a terrific turnout!

  10. I do not unnerstands everything that you says Chey, so I think I will gets the Giant Kitteh to explains it to me but I will elects you Chey!

  11. Very valid points, Chey! Another point to consider is that even when cats are asleep their ears aren’t!! Good debate!

  12. We enjoyed debating with you today. Chey we would never guess you are lazy. What with all that globetrotting you do, Odin would appoint you as foreign minister and ambassador of Catlandia.

  13. Chey,
    You’re so right! It’s the people or cats behind the scenes that get things done. Dogs play important role but they are followers not leaders. Here’s to your campaign!

  14. Yes, you are indeed very thoughtful, Chey — more thoughtful than most — that’s fur sure! And it would be nice to have a ladycat ruler for a change, too. Mancats and men have ruled for far too long already.

  15. Anyone who has both dogs and cats will tell you the cats boss the dogs around. The dogs even admit it. Just ask Fenris.

  16. Hear, hear, Chey!!

  17. chey; ewe due noe dawgs steal gravy outta dishes N then try N offer it ta kittehs N blame it on de kitshun staff…..sew…what due ewe think bout a pork roast in every pot ?? !!

  18. Jeez, it’s a no-brainer. Dogs can’t rule the world…after all, they eat their own poop!

  19. Well said Chey!
    Hear hear!!!

  20. I know whenever your eyes are shut it is because you are pondering deeply the important issues of the day.

  21. Chey it is impossible to disagree with you when you state your views so eloquently!!!! Paws up to you!

  22. Gemini, you are THE toughest tabby we know!

  23. I also love to smite things like that, although haven’t got a nip banana yet – have to put it on my wishlist.

  24. So so adorable!!!

  25. You have a point here, Chey. I’m glad I was able to hear it.

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