Sunday Guest Star: Finny, Buddy and Jasmine

So there I was, looking all patriotic.   Katie came by and knew I was in Charleston but she wasn’t all that specific.  However, the Carolina Cats, Finny, Buddy and Jasmine said, “We think you are at the Citadel in Charleston, South Carolina. Watch out, becos on Fridays they do parades wif guns shooting off and stuff like that. Buddy”  And I thought wow!  I better get out of here.

Truffle and Brulee suggested meeting there but fortunately they got there before any guns!  They said, “Our mom goes there for work and it’s a unique military college. That building is a barracks and the grounds in front are for the Friday parades of the cadets, which is awesome. There’s a lot of history at The Citadel. So happy you were able to visit us in SC!”

Brian and Marg also knew where we were (maybe).  When the ‘G’s‘ said they knew, we thought–wow! We’re kinda sorta in their neck of the woods, but they were just kidding.  Silly cats.

But you know what is really cool?  Truffle and Brulee’s Mum liked me so much she’s coming to visit me at my home soon! Isn’t that just cool?  I wonder if I can get her take me home with her.  She’s way nicer than the Woman.


  1. We’re glad you found you way home. You know what….we think your Mom is pretty special and loves you a lot so you should stay with her!!

    The Florida Furkids

  2. I swear, one of these days I am going to guess right on this game! Or at least in the right country!

  3. We heard through the CB grapevine that our mom is supposed to visit you soon. We’re sure you’ll like her because we love her but we do think you better stay with your mom. Thanks for visiting Charleston.

  4. We’re glad they all found you, Chey. We were actally thinking that might be a fake building…

  5. Well, VERY glad you got found! Concats to the finders.

  6. We knew it was a military school from the look of it and grandstands, but just couldn’t put a name to it. On to next Find Chey! Have a great time meeting Mom Paula. You know we expect photos. MOL!

  7. Wow so many intelligent kitties!

    Hope you enjoy the visit of Truffle and Brulee’s Mom 🙂

  8. Safe & Sound again! Phew!

  9. Concats to Finny, Buddy and Jasmine!

  10. The smart ones always seem to be quick too!

  11. Congrats to everybuddy who new where you were. Of course, we didn’t.

  12. Chey,
    Mommy says you are welcome to visit any time. She will stock up on Fishy Flakes.

  13. Oh Chey! What a sideways whap to give to your mum! An idea: send De Male home with Truffle and Brulee!

  14. Play your cards right, babe, and you’re outta there !! >^,,^<

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