Meezer Mancat Monday

Ichiro and AlpacaHave any of you ever scratched an alpaca under the chin?

Do you want to?

I love nature and I’m such a big mancat, I’ve been going out on the patio with Mom while she reads for a bit.  Except that she doesn’t read while I’m out there because she watches to be sure I don’t get lost in our yard.  She says she doesn’t want to lose me (unlike Chey).


  1. We are not very interested in scratching an alpaca under the chin since we are not partial to any non-feline beings, but going outside sounds nice. We sneak out sometimes, but Mom comes right out to grab us.

  2. Ichiro,that alpaca is cute, but not as cute as you!!!
    We understand why your Mom would not want to loose you 😉
    Purrs Tillie and Georgia,
    Tiger,Treasure,JJ and Julie

  3. Be careful around those alpacas, Ichiro!! We have an alpaca farm here on our island. The mom has seen them out in their field but we haven’t yet. Have fun outside!!

  4. scratching a alpaca – interesting.

  5. You done a great job with the scratchy!

  6. I don’t know who’s fluffier, you or the paca! Enjoy your Monday!

  7. You mean there are alpacas wandering around while you are outside? Or are you just messing with me, Ichiro?

  8. Uhmm, you see alpacas in your yard? What about pink elephants or blue dogs? You don’t drive when you are seeing alpacas do you?

  9. Ichiro, you are one weird little, er big dude! Scratching alpaca’s now are we?

  10. I think we will pass on scratching the alpaca on the chin. Are they the ones that spit at you?? I think that is the Llama. It looks dangerous to us. Hope all of you have a great visit with Mom Paula. Our Mom got to meet her and thought she was great. She didn’t get to meet us. No time. Take care.

  11. It’s only right that your Mom should pay attention to you Every Single Second.

  12. We’re glad you’re mom is taking you into the great outdoors but stay away from alpacas; they spit and bite.

  13. I’ve never met an alpaca, but a sheep is enough to scare me. Take care.

  14. I certainly know we LOVE trying to eat, tear apart, or otherwise destroy alpaca yarn!

  15. Ichiro
    We are glad your Mom keeps a close eye on you.
    Mom says if I got out I would be gone before she could stop me.

    Hello gorgeous Miss Gemini!
    Ping purrs

  16. At least you have one ally there – your mom.

  17. I would watch you too because I sure wouldn’t want to lose you either!

  18. We want to scratch an alpaca too!

  19. mommy has scratched an alpaca, but me has not, though there are some in the field around the corner…maybe me shall has to goes and see!
    Me likes being outside when it is nice and me hardly ever leaves the deck.
    If we leaves the yard, Mommy or Daddy makes us stay inside the house.

  20. We would rather have the chin scritches than an alpaca.

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