ManCat Meezer Monday: A review

So after Blog Paws, Nature’s Variety contacted us about doing a review of their raw food.  Because it’s freeze-dried (which means Chey will eat it) and raw (which means Mom will like it) she decided we’d try it.

So imagine how blown away we were when we got this big old bag of kibble, a container of raw boost to put over other food, and some of their fantastic treats.  Okay, you know the reason I’m up here is because there are treats being sprinkled all over the place.  Yes, it is the raw treats from Nature’s Variety.  We got the chicken flavor because that’s our favorite flavor.

Chey ate some too.  Which is really amazing because Chey doesn’t eat anything that’s not in her dish (and the treat wasn’t it) and isn’t a fishy flake. So Mom was really impressed (and thrilled with that).  Chey and I also ate the dry kibble.  We like it, but we like dry food in general.  Gemini’s little tummy still isn’t one hundred percent and we’ll be contacting the vet again, so she was not allowed to have the kibble.  Also, this means that Mom couldn’t just do a free feeding to see how much of this would keep us happy along with our canned food allowance.

She does say it’s good.  She is a huge proponent of raw food but none of us will eat the frozen stuff, so this seems like a really good compromise.  We highly recommend that if your humans are trying to get you to go that route (and it’s a good one), if you’re thinking you don’t like that real food stuff (it’s sort of an acquired taste–junk is so much tastier you know!), they might want to try this.  It’s not cheap, but the premium foods never are.  We’ll definitely spend our money on the treats at least and possibly the kibble as well (Gemini’s tummy permitting).

We received the free products pictured to do this review.  The review itself is ours (can you see how much I like it in the photo?).  We got no other financial compensation from our review.   Wow.  This stuff is a lot of work.  I need a cat treat.


  1. We’re impressed that Chey liked it! Our mom is giving us healthier food, but so far she’s not doing the raw food thing. We are trying some grain-free canned food and love some of it.

  2. That food soundss wonderful! Next time Mommy is in the big city I hope she gets us some!
    Kozmo at the Cat from Hell

  3. The mom would love to have us eat raw. We tried the frozen raw food and we didn’t like it. There’s still some in our freezer. We had an oppportunity to try the NV freeze-dried treats and 2 out of 3 of us liked them…alot! We’ll be doing a review on that soon. We haven’t tried the kibble yet…that may be next! Thanks for the good review!!

  4. We love the Boost Bites lots! We got to try them out a few months ago.

  5. We have tried the Instinct dry food and we like it, but we’ve not tried the raw food. We’ll check out our local store and see if they have some.

  6. pee ess…I still haven’t figured out why Tillamook hasn’t contacted me about trying out their cheese samples.

  7. Thanks fur the info! We are just now goin grain-free. You’re right. The good stuff is expensive! Good luck wif the new foods. HaHaMeow at Cory’s Tillamook comment!

  8. Sounds good! I like fresh and raw, so go and get it myself on a daily basis, much to mom’s disgust! =^..^=

  9. I’ve never even seen this Raw Boost in stores here. Maybe it’s not available yet in this part of southeastern Ontario. The kibble and canned are, though.

    RE: the brand in general: I haven’t had any luck getting the boys to eat the canned; maybe I ought to try again.

    I’m not a proponent of dry food, but I do like that the chicken meal one is gluten and potato-free. When I first adopted Nicki, and then Derry, I tried a LOT of grain-free kibble brands…actually all of them at the time, that were available here, and they all caused Nicki problems (diarrhea). I think it was the one common binding ingredient: potato.

    So when I found this and tried, it was great. The only hitch is that the pieces are too small for either of them. Maybe because of all their extractions? So I grind it up and sprinkle a tiny bit on some of the canned I give them. (Plus they get 2 TBSP per day of another brand of kibble, because they love dry and I haven’t the heart to deny it to them entirely. )

    I know of at least one foster mom around the CB who feeds raw, as well as canned, and I so wish my boys had been at least fed canned when fostered, not the corn-filled kibble I know they grew up with. It’s hard to change their tastes now.

  10. Harley and I LOVE the Raw Boost Bites treats, they are one of our favorites!

  11. We’re going to have Mom check this out. Those treats sound pawsome and Mom is interested in learning more about the raw diet.

    The Florida Furkids and Lexi

  12. um … i am ashamed to say dat we eet food frum a can.
    dat iz probubly why i am so …. chubby deez dayz.

  13. Thanks for the info – we’re gonna try this. The Lady has been trying different things now and then, and we WILL NOT eat the raw frozen. Grr and Riley both need a better diet desperately. They’re kinda hefty, but don’t tell ’em I said so.

  14. That was a great review. Unfortunately, there are so many of us here, we just can’t afford that food as much as our Person would like to. But thanks for this great review and glad you kitties like the treats.

  15. It sure is nice when food arrives at your door!

  16. they look like they’re very tasty!

  17. Sounds like pretty good stuff!

  18. Chey
    That sounds pretty pawsome!!!


  19. The Katnip Lounge kitties sent us the boost bites and we both love them. They are our favourite treats.

  20. Hmm, maybe these treats are something that Sassy’s stomach can stand? Other treats make her yak!

  21. Tommy sees this brand in PetSmart and wondered about it. She’s brought some of the wet food home. I can’t remember what Tommy got, but majority of our herd didn’t eat it. So no more. She may just try it again. I wanna try the treats!!

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