Find Chey Friday

We want to Thank the Sweet Purrfections for something close to their area.Why yes, this looks like a great place for me to visit.  I hope they have room service.  And fishy flakes. And perhaps a GPS so I can tell my friends where the party is… Do you know?

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  1. Charleston, South Carolina???

  2. Looks old castle-like but it’s not. No clue.

  3. YAY!! We finally know where you are!

    No, we totally don’t. Just wanted to know how that looked when WE typed it. hehe.

  4. Pixel and Samba says:

    LOL@ Barb and the Dailys G’s. We do not know where you are either but. In case of emergency it is a bomb shelter too

  5. Veni, vidi, defici. We came, we looked, we failed…

  6. Meaning, if that is a castle, we couldn’t find it. If that is a university, architects should pull it down brick by brick (explosives are encouraged. And if that is the White Castle fast food HQ, we don’t want to know that such a place exists.

  7. No idea. Looks like you may be stuck there for a while.

  8. Is that a pussycat design atop the front gate? N idea where you are, other than the castle looks fake and we think there’s a US flag flying on top. Waiting for your to be found!

  9. We think you are at the Citadel in Charleston, South Carolina. Watch out, becos on Fridays they do parades wif guns shooting off and stuff like that.


  10. Darn, too late fur one I knew…maybe. Stop by on your way home!

  11. Katie got the city and the Carolina Cats got the exact place! Woo Hoo! And you know what? Truffle and Brulee suggested I visit there!

  12. Our mom goes there for work and it’s a unique military college. That building is a barracks and the grounds in front are for the Friday parades of the cadets, which is awesome. There’s a lot of history at The Citadel. So happy you were able to visit us in SC!

  13. We are very late, (forgot it was Friday!!!) It wouldn’t have made any difference though because we didn’t know where that was.

  14. Oh darn, we would have know that one. Oh well. We are not far away either Chey. You have a lot of people to visit in this state. Have a good trip home.

  15. We have no idea where you are, as usual, Chey.

    Re your comment, we don’t think you’ll ever be cracked. You’ll always be inscrutable. That’s what makes you Chey. 🙂

  16. Well, we are clue-less as usually. Thank cod somebuddy knew where you were.

  17. Whew
    Chey we were glad you were found!

    Happy Friday and Miss Gemini I hope you have a wonderful weekend.
    Ping purrs

  18. Oh rats! I’m always too late. Somebody always guesses before I get here — but then when I do guess I’m usually wrong anyway. Oh well.

  19. We’re glad you were found. As usual, it was without our help!!

    The Florida Furkids and Lexi

  20. It is a darn good thing there are kitties that found you Chey since we had NO clue where you were…heck, the last time you were lost in Oregon I coulnd’t even find you. Sigh.

  21. Laura & Taffy says:

    Oh, Cat! Miss a couple of days on the innerwebs and see what happens. Well, we woulda guessed a state capital somewheres, so are glad somebuddy else found you.

  22. Sigh… we think our human needs to get out more. Unless you post a picture of our living room, I don’t think she will ever guess where you are!!

  23. We never get the place but like to see where you are anyway!

  24. Really no idea, but it looks pretty. As we have never been to the US, it is difficult for us to know any landmarks there.

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