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Chey with StringAs you can see, I take killing this string very seriously.

It displeases me that you think I should answer what Gemini’s remedy was.  It was a single homeopathic remedy that our naturopathic vet, who does classical homeopathy chose for us, based both on the Gemini’s digestive upset and her overall personality.  This is based both on our major complaint (she has constipation/diarrhea and poops outside the litter box because of this), her overall health condition (good), her unique health history (which they have as they are her vets) as well as her personality.  She hides, but she will hide even when she is not afraid. Our vet recommended Thuja.  Based on the personality changes, this was clearly the right choice for Gemini. There are many remedies that deal with hiding and fearfulness, so please be aware that this is not something that you try because your cat might be similar to ours.  This is good veterinary medicine prescribed to us by a doctor of veterinary medicine who is also a member in good standing of the American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association.

My human adds this caveat as something that drives her nuts about acupuncture patients:

Herbs and homeopathics are real medicine.  They can have serious side effects.  To achieve a working dosage you often have to dose much higher than you will find in “herbal books” or online. Please, please consult a naturopathic physician, acupuncturist who knows herbs or an AHVMA member veterinarian if you pursue complementary healthcare.  There is a reason naturopaths are licensed.  They go to a lot of schooling to learn those things people seem to think they can read about online and dose themselves. Herbs work. They don’t work if you don’t take enough. If you take to much, some may kill you.  If you take the wrong herbs, they may interact negatively with your medication, either overdosing you or negating your medication doses.  If you want to use natural medicine, don’t think that it’s not dangerous.  Consider that many poisonous plants, like datura, henbane and belladonna are used in natural medicine remedies.  Pharmaceuticals are derived from them.  And they are all deadly.

I think that’s the end of the public service announcement from the woman… Now, how about a little nip? You know, as a natural remedy?


  1. Nip will definitely fix what ails you! MOl!

  2. I think nip is an awesome cure-all for minor bouts of the blahs.

  3. We purr that the medicine helps Gemini 🙂
    Chey, we like that determination you have is dealing with that snake!!!
    Maybe some nip after you dispatch that snake 😉

    Purrs Tillie and Georgia,
    Tiger,Treasure,JJ and Julie

  4. No offense was intended by our question yesterday, we didn’t realize it was something specific for her. There are no homeopathic vets in our area, and we don’t have access to anyone who does acupuncture on non-humans. We also know these remedies are not to be given willy nilly and that they can be just as dangerous as “regular” pharmaceuticals when not used properly.

    We’re glad this is working for Gemini!

  5. My natural remedy? I prefer a little grape from the vine. Delightful? Yes! However, it too can be deadly.

  6. We sure wish we had a homeopathic vet near us. There is one that does acupuncture, but she is about an hour’s drive away. Guess we’ll settle for nip! We know we LOVE that!!

  7. Yes, yes, nip for everyone!!!

  8. wut … dere iz sumthin fer hidin owt? iz dere sumthin fer stoopid kittenz?
    jus wunderin.

  9. Well, it looks like it’s unanimous. Bring on the ‘nip and I’ll be right over!


  10. Your homeopathic vet sounds like an excellent one.

    Thanks so much for letting us know about artsy catsy. Do we have to be on Facebook to read her FB page? We are not. Mom is considering joining FB but has not yet.

  11. Good to know….don’t worry, I won’t go self-prescribing all kinds of herbs for myself. Except of course those of the catnip variety.
    ; ) Katie

  12. WE think that nip is terrific and so is the Vine. We love both of them and sure wouldn’t use anything without consulting our veterinarian, holistic or otherwise. Take care.

  13. Nipping out for some nip!

  14. Well Chey we thinks the woman has a good point. We knows people that take all sorts of weird things just because it is the latest “fad” and sometimes it causes serious problems. We will add that when the Dr ask for a list of all the medications you are taking you should include the vitamins and over the counter stuff like herbs you take. Not just the prescription medications. And this advice pertains to the 4 legs too.

    Glad they found something that worked for Gemini

  15. We are glad that the homeopathic medicine is working well for Gemini. We will stick with our nip though for our well being. Mum used to have an ex racehorse and when he got older he got very stiff with arthritis. Her vet prescribed a homeopathic medicine for him and he was 100% sound with it. In the summer she could cut him back to 3 tablets a day instead of his winter dosage of 10 tablets. When she tried to get him back to 2 tablets he would stiffen up again.

  16. Nip is pure nectar!
    Miss Gemini I am so glad you feel better.
    Ping purrs

  17. We couldn’t agree more. And you’re very lucky to have a wise human offering alternatives.

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