Sunday Guest Star: Prancer Pie

I thought perhaps this would be a tricky one, but Prancer Pie found me right off the bat.  He said, “Sam’s Hill Stonehenge in Maryhill Washington?”  I was surprised at how quickly I was found so I asked how he had know, Prancer said, “We can’t believe we got it! But, Mom is older than dirt and recognized the Stonehenge look and I, Prancer Pie, did the rest of the computer work. What a neat place!”

Apparently, Prancer’s human was around to build the original Stonehenge or something so they realized I was not actually there. Amazing.

There were lots of others who knew I was in Maryhill Washington to see the Stonehenge monument.  I was hoping to surprise a few of the cats but you all seemed to know where I was.  You guys are quite smart!


  1. We wouldn’t have a had clue.

  2. Well, Prancer Pie is not quite a Texas kitty, but I guess since Oklahoma is so close some of our smartness has rubbed off!

  3. That was amazing work on Prancer’s part!

  4. Congratulations to Prancer Pie! We actually thought of Stonehenge, but when we looked it up, the windows were different and we were too tired to search anymore.

  5. MOL! Tis true, the Mommy is older than dirt. What great fun! Thanks fur featuring us. I will have Mom link us up right away. Happy weekend, furriends. xoxo

  6. Umm… we thought it looked Stonehenge-ish… but that’s all. Clueless from the Swamp yet again! 🙂

  7. Our Mom is older than dirt but we’re sure she wouldn’t have been able to help us.

    The Florida Furkids and Lexi

  8. That was pretty smart of Prancer. Congrats to him!

  9. That Prancer Pie sure is a smart one!

  10. I wouldn’t have guessed it for anything but since my mommy was certainly around and helped Prancer’s mommy build the original Stonehenge at least I would have gotten THAT part correct. xox

  11. We are just always glad when someone finds you Chey since we are no help what so ever. Sure glad there are lots of smart kitties out there. Nice going Prancer. Take care.

  12. Unless it is Mount Rushmore or statue of Liberty, we wouldn’t have a clue either! Well done Prancer

  13. Congrats to Prancer Pie! Being from eastern Canada, we are not familiar with all of the landmarks in the northwestern U.S. However, it did look very intriguing. I was stuck on searching Stone Mazes and Labyrinths.

  14. Concats to Prancer Pie. We didn’t have a clue! Our mum drove past the other Stonehenge on her way home last Sunday.

  15. Prancer Pie is a smarty pants. My mom has been there so that’s why I knew. Otherwise I would have been clueless. They have no cheese there.

  16. Wow! We live north of there! We shall has to drives down and sees it!

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