Wednesday with Chey

For many of you, this will be the last time you see me for awhile.  For others, Flat Chey will be there to astound you!  Are you excited yet?

If you are jealous that some are seeing Flat Chey, well, remember the real Chey is stuck here getting a few minutes of attention a day that I have to share with Ichiro and Gemini who will be hiding all the time.  I will go unworshipped the entire time!  It is WRONG.  Just plain WRONG.

Now, what’s going on for you?


  1. Safe travels! We’re celebrating the Summer Solstice with a fab Solar Catcher cat toy giveaway. Real Chey, you can come over and hang out with us.

  2. We can see the utter look of disdain on your face, Chey. Hopefully it will go by quickly.

  3. Poor Chey! I could teleport to your house!

  4. I am glad that my human won’t be around to harass me for a few days. And she is missing half of my birthday party Sunday, so I can REALLY have fun – and nokitty is going to tell what went on!

  5. Oh, dear. Oh, dear. Oh, dear, Chey!

    I will also be leaving my Gs with a sitter next week for 2 weeks. They’re pretty much going to eat and nap their way through it. I’m betting you will, too. You’ll see.

  6. We will try our best to get along without the real you!
    Do not worry though!! We will be remembering the real you 😉
    Sigh !!!! Take care Chey!
    Purrs Tillie and Georgia,
    Tiger,Treasure and JJ

  7. Chey, it is so unfair that you won’t get the worshipping you deserve. And others will be fawning over Flat Chey. But we hope the Woman has a good time at BlogPaws and our mom says she can’t wait to hear all about it.

  8. We will always think of the real you.

    pawhugs, Max

  9. WE will know where the REAL you are, Chey…

  10. come on ofur to our house guys!!!

  11. We will have to go several days with out any Chey-isms – oh no, what shall you do?

  12. WE could teleport right over there and keep you company and give you the attention that you deserve. At least your flat self gets to go. And just think of the goodies that will come home with Mom. Take care

  13. FaRAdaY: I feel your pain! My WAND Toy sessions have been severely…SEVERELY… curtailed! It’s wrong on sooooo many levels. Humans have their priorities sooo screwed up, they do!

  14. May we reiterate our invitation to host you during this difficult time, Chey?

  15. Oh I think you might be plotting for her return!

  16. Don’t worry Chey, we will still worship you from afar!

  17. We won’t forget about you, don’t worry.

  18. We will miss you Chey. We would invite you to visit but it is so wet cold and miserable you probably wouldn’t enjoy it.

  19. OMC that is unfair! dont worry tho we will know the real you is aways and not direct worships to your flat version. PURRS!

  20. Oh dear oh dear oh dear.
    Miss Gemini I will miss seeing your beautiful face.
    We hope your Mom has very safe travels.


  21. Have faith, Chey. Time is rushing by and the more the Woman is surrounded by cat people, the more she will miss you. Maybe next year you can go to?

  22. I expect you’re feeling a bit flat, Chey!!! xox

  23. We hope the time goes by fast enough that it won’t seem so bad having to be stuck at home. We will miss seeing you though and await your return!


  24. We hope the time passes quickly, Chey. Do remember that some kitties get sent off for boarding while you get your own butler – even if it is part time. It could be worse!

  25. Hey Chey!! Our human got to meet your human at BlogPaws and really enjoyed chatting with her!! Because of her insightful comments, we took notice and made a few minor adjustments to the look and feel of our blog!! Whoo Hoo!!!

  26. Have you been abandoned by the Woman again? For every day she’s gone, you are due another day of adoration. We hope she had a good time at BlogPaws.

  27. Thank you so much for your kind words about our Chevelle.
    The Creek Cats, Maggie May and Mom

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