Meezer Mancat Monday

Okay, I want to know why there is a Flat Chey but not a Flat Ichiro.  I think it’s really unfair.

I mean, really, who would you rather see?  Flat Ichiro or Flat Chey?  I think there’s no contest.

I mean, who would believe Chey would be FLAT?


  1. Hmmm… really, there should be one of each of you, I think. Only fair. purrs

  2. Are you floofier? We think floofy is harder to make flat, hahameow!

  3. MOL, when Chey sess this, she’s WHAP you!

    But hey, we’d like to see Flat versions of you and Gemini too.

  4. But you are so FLOOFY! If you were flat we’d recommend some fur conditioner.

  5. Ichiro, there is NO flat me either – I am above such silliness.

  6. Chey is so NOT FLAT, but then neither are you. We are surprised that Chey allowed herself to be replicated, it was so beneath her. Take comfort that you have not been humiliated in such a way. In other words you are one up on Chey.

  7. All I know is that Flat Chey and Flat me had a great time hanging out together….um so I’m guessing that a Flat Ichiro would also be awesome. It’s only fair you get a flat you.

  8. Oh, you did not just say that out loud, did you?

  9. Oh dear!! This sounds like something
    we do not want to get involved in!!
    Ichiro, there is no flat Gemini either ;
    Purrs Tillie and Georgia,
    Tiger,Treasure and JJ

  10. Nah! Floofy is best by far!!

  11. Oh, that was an unkind comment! LOL.

    We wouldn’t choose, we vote for a flat version of each of you!

  12. you can’t be flat – you’re too floofy!

  13. That’s right, flat is whrer it’s at and there should be a flat you too!

  14. This must be rectified immediately.

  15. We definitely think there should be a flat Ichiro. That is just crazy that there isn’t one. Take care.

  16. I have never been flat either, and as they say, “what you haven’t had you don’t miss”.

  17. PURRSonallyl, I prefur both of you in the round! Give me a fullbodied kitty any day.

  18. There are no FLATS of ANNY of us. But TBT says thats cuz he never leaves us, so he doesnt need them to bring along annywhere.

  19. How much did Mao pay you to say that Ichiro?

  20. rut roh

    I think I will stay away from that one Ichiro.
    Hello gorgeous Miss Gemini
    Ping purrs

  21. Maybe after Flat Chey was made, there was a shortage of cardboard?

  22. We’re not going to get in the middle of this one.

  23. Me thinks yous should goes on strike!

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