Tabby Tuesday

Sometimes Mama laughs at my curly whiskers.  I think they make me stand out, don’t you?

Mama loves to get close ups of us.  I was sitting way up high on the cat tree so it was harder for her to do.  I really don’t like the camera right in my pretty face.

It was a stressful weekend with some guy named Handy going around and making noise.  I had to hide.  He did think Chey was a neat looking cat.  I guess he’ll be invited back to do some other stuff now.  I’m not at all thrilled about that.  I was hiding under the dresser because he scared me!  He sounded like a huge rat up in the attic!  I hope he does not have to do that again!


  1. Ooh, we wouldnt like ta have a Huge Handy Rat up in OUR attic either!

  2. Wow, we had Handy over here a couple of years ago – he must have moved. He mostly stayed outside doing things, but he did come in briefly and can you believe it, Binga tried to make friends with him!

  3. Curly whiskers are sexy!!!

  4. Gemini, we love your close ups!!! You are so pretty 🙂
    We would not like a “handy” here either!! They tend to make noise!!!!

    Purrs Tillie and Georgia,
    Tiger,Treasure and JJ

  5. Gemini, I don’t like when strange peoples come into my house making lots of noise. I usually hide under the covers!!


  6. I have curly whiskers too!


  7. Yes, those are great curls!n I don’t like those noisy visitors either!

  8. Curly whiskers are cool. Gris Gris has a few curly one.

  9. Oh we definitely run and hide when anyone named ‘Handy’ or any thing else. We do not like strangers around here no matter what their name is, that is for sure. Gemini, your whiskers are so very nice. Hope all of you have a great day.

  10. Curly whiskers are EXTRA appealing on a lady cat.

  11. You are outstanding, curly whiskers or not, Gemini! You have such a gorgeous face!

    Those Handy guys can get out of hand, sometimes, so PURRhaps you should just give him a smacky paw. That’ll teach him!

  12. *thump thump thump*
    Be still my beating heart.
    Oh Miss Gemini your curly whiskers set my heart a fluttering.
    You are such a beauty.
    I could gaze at you for hours.
    Ping purrs

  13. Handy sounds like a guy I know called Dishwasher Man. Just another intruder. Glogirly should wash the dishes by hand before she has Dishwasher Man come back again.
    ; ) Katie & Glogirly

  14. We hope Handy doesn’t come here. We don’t like noisy introoders. We do like your curly whiskers though.

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