Tabby Tuesday

Is that Ichiro coming into the room?  I will have to keep my eye on him.

I had a very nice weekend sitting in the sunshine for a change.  I like the sunshine.  It feels good on my tabby furs.   I hope that everyone got to have the sun on their furs this weekend too. Unless you don’t like it. Then I hope you didn’t.

I think I will go find Mama and get some attention.


  1. You look VERY attentive. Good thing you are keeping an eye on things.

  2. We had rain over the weekend, but it has been blissfully sunny since Sunday afternoon – yay!

  3. We enjoyed lots of sunshine,but today is drizzley.
    That’s OK, we can snooze 😉
    Go and get lots of cuddles from your Mom 🙂
    Purrs Tillie and Georgia,
    Tiger,Treasure and JJ

  4. We had rain this past weekend, Gemini…but when it stopped, the sun tried to come out. It didn’t do a very good job though. We hope Ichiro doesn’t bother you.

  5. That sounds like a good idea Gemini, to find Mom for some attention. We hope Ichiro doesn’t bother you in you nice sun puddle. Have a great day.

  6. Looking very pretty today! xx

  7. Just when I thought I had Mr. Sun under my paw, he went away and let Mr. Freeze back in. You better enjoy some of that warmth for me!
    ; ) Katie

  8. Bring on the sun — we love it!

  9. Hello pretty Gemini! I am glad you got to catch some sunpuddles!

  10. What a gorgeous furtan you have now, Gemini!

  11. Gemini, we hope that right now you are enjoying a good Mom fuss-over!

  12. Oh Gemini! Not only are you beautiful, but you have such a lovely PURRSonality! You only wish the best for efurryone.

  13. We would have liked sunshine today Gemini, but we have cool and foggy instead!


  14. Oh Gemini
    I will come over and watch for Ichiro for you, and with one swoop I will take care of him for you!
    Ping purrs

  15. Yous looks beautiful with the sun shining on your furs!

  16. Give that Ichiro a good whap if he comes bothering you Gemini.

  17. Hmm…Gemini–you are lovely! I hope your Mom gave you ooooooodles of attention. Ya know, your furs look our new cat on the block Mooch. Your furs may be a bit longer…


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