Meezer Mancat Monday

Mom and Dad were gone for a long time. In fact they were gone so long that when Mom came back I thought she was dinner and bit her shoulder. Hard.  I was chewing on it too.

The pet sitter was here and we had lots of food, but well Mom was just gone so long I thought that she was food, right? It’s an easy mistake to happen.

Now I need da bird time.


  1. Sounds like a wild time happening to me!

  2. Yeah, Moms look tasty when they have been gone for a bit 😉 heehee
    Bet your Mom is glad you are going after the bird now!!
    Purrs Tillie and Georgia,
    Tiger,Treasure and JJ

  3. You poor starved critter! How dreadfully you suffer…. Did you make her feel guilty?

  4. Totally understandable…

  5. I would never try to eat my human – she is too old and tough and can’t possibly taste any good!

  6. Hope you guys had a happy Easter!
    And dude, that is totally understandable.
    your bud Pepi and the rest of the Hotties

  7. We think our mom is too fat and grisly to eat. LOL. But we might put the bitey on her just to show our displeasure at her being gone. 😀

  8. Very easy mistake! Serves her right anyway for deserting you.

  9. Yup, they shouldn’t go off and leave you. Just a little taste of the shoulder shouldn’t be too bad. Hope you did get some good snuggles. And thanks for the nice birthday wishes.

  10. HA! Maybe your Mom shoulda taken the shoulder snack as a love ‘nip’. 🙂 Maybe with her back you can gets lots of love and treats–and just rest your head ON her shoulder. 🙂


  11. Ichiro was she tasty?
    Hello gorgeous Miss Gemini.
    Ping purrs

  12. Anyone could make that mistake!

  13. You got her attention loud and clear.

  14. We try to bite our mama too after her return from what she calls vacation —- every single time —- and we’re not even hungry.

  15. Hmmmm…did she taste good? If she tastes like cheese, I might want a nibble too.

  16. Our mama always tastes good after she’s been gone for a while.

  17. Wow, she was gone a long time if you didn’t even recognize her.

  18. Ouch! Your poor mom.

    Our mom is traveling again next week.

    Truffle and Brulee

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