Wednesday with Chey

I am ready for the snow to stop!  And if you won’t make it stop snowing could I at least get extra fishy flakes until spring? If it ever gets here?



  1. Extra fishy flakes sound good no matter what the weather does!!

    The Florida Furkids

  2. We agree, you should always get extra treats, Chey!

  3. Fishy flakes are the LEAST you should get, Chey!

  4. Sounds good to me! But… if you get extra treats, will you still want spring to come?

  5. More fishie flakes sounds like a fair compromise!

  6. We had a really warm day Monday.
    Today, we have freezing rain!
    We think Spring is toying with us :/
    Fishy flakes sounds like a neat way to spend time waiting for warm weather 🙂
    Purrs Tillie and Georgia

  7. You’re getting snow?? Oh Chey, that’s too bad!! We’ve got temps close to 70 today!! Wacky weather!!

  8. Fishie Flakes for everybuddy!

  9. Aaccckkk, snow?! Well, we atypically have an early spring, so we suppose Mother Nature balances things out somehow. We hope your snow does go away soon though! It’s time for flowers and leaves and green grass!

  10. Brrrrrrrrr humbug on the snow!

  11. You deserve EXTRA treats. Fact! xx

    PS: we’re sorry we haven’t been visiting much lately ~ mom is taking a sort of visiting blogs vacation due to having lots to do.

  12. We had all 4 seasons yesterday. First it was really sunny, then it gots really windy and blustery, then it snowed then it gots sunny again and gots really warm (me even went outside) then the wind came and it gots cold and really cloudy and snowed, then it gots nice and then it rained!
    Spring in Canada!

  13. You may need to notify Mother Nature that you’re in the rain region and not the snow region. Until then, may you have a fishy flakes marathon.

  14. WE vote for more treats plus no more snow and lots of sun. Might as well go for the whole package. You deserve those fishy flakes all the time Chey. Have a great day.

  15. We think you should have fishy flakes no matter what the weather is. Hey Chey, if you want to come over, it’s warm & sunny here today.

  16. Sorry to hear you are still getting snow. We haven’t had any for about a month now, but some days are still cold. You deserve extra fishy flakes if you’ve got snow.

  17. Some cats just want to keep their heads in the fishy flakes and not look up until sPURRing. Sounds like you, Chey!

  18. Chey you tell that snow how you really feel.

  19. Chey yoo must come visit wif us, no snow and we has had fresh air seats all week! Of course fish flakes do sound nommy!!!

    and newly adopted Mustachio (Yup I is staying!)

  20. We hope you at least got those extra fishy flakes!!

  21. We sure wish yer snow would stop too. Ours never happened this year.

  22. You should get as many fishie flakes as you want.

  23. Everything is better with fishy flakes, even snow!

  24. Sorry you have icky weather, our is fantastic, warm and sunny. Mum even had shorts on today.

  25. Snow, snow, go away — We hope it stops soon.

  26. Sorry about the snow. We’re glad we haven’t gotten any in a while.

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