Tabby Tuesday

Now here I am on my scratching post. I am very territorial.  And so is Ichiro.  Right now we are having a tiff.  Someone is not using the litter box for, you know, the number two stuff.  Mama thinks it might be me.  Cause thinks that Ichiro is bugging me in the litter box.  We have a couple but he still follows me and gets me when I’m in the middle of, you know.  Dad is going to make sure that is what is happening and is going to get a motion detector web cam so that they can record us in the litter box.  I might be a little shy for that. I do not know.  And really–would you want film of that?!  But they want to know what is going on and what is happening so that can maybe help them place a litter box so that I do not get bothered so much.  Because Mama does not like it that someone is not using the litter box.  She says it is possible that Ichiro is just too darned big for that litter box but she says she has a gut feeling it is me making messes.

Oh and a few people were worried about Chey’s name and the copyright.  We are not in any trouble.  The author has not asked us to do anything.  However, Mama wants to have a legitimate business and not have any problems.  Jennifer Roberson wrote a series of books about ten years ago called the Chronicles of the Cheysuli.  Chey was named after them (we know this because, well, her mother was Queen Guinevere and her father was Strider the Ranger.  You get a theme here? Yeah.  Her breeder was really into fantasy novels.)  Anyway, when we were just having fun that was okay to not worry about her name.   Now that Mama wants to take her art work and stuff to a wider audience, using Chey’s voice, well, Chey has always gone by Chey and she wants to have OUR name on the Facebook page and OUR title so there is no confusion over what our page is about.   We did used to get comments sometimes about people wondering why we talked about this cat so much…


  1. We love Chey’s name, we’re glad you guys is not in any trouble!!

    Except whoever is not using their litter box to do number two… 0.o

  2. Would there be any issue as long as Chey was mostly Chey as opposed to Cheysuli?

  3. We have our fusses sometimes, but the litterboxes are neutral territory. Even when we hiss, those are safe places.

    “Chey” is a commune in the Deux-Sèvres department in the Poitou-Charentes region in western France. That’s older than either of you,

    And google “cheysuli. There are lots of references, some of which MAY be older than Jennifer Roberson. Check them out. We just learned that the term “google”, for example is WAY older than the computer company.

    Fight Chey, fight, like a Meezer girlcat should!

  4. Dear Gemini, we hope Ichiro is not guilty of tormenting you in the litterbox.
    We guess he will get a talking to if he is the guilty party 😉
    Purrs Tillie and Georgia,
    Tiger,Treasure and JJ

  5. Every once in a while, if there was just a bit of litter outside the box on the floor (from them jumping out of the box), Whitey would gather the loose litter into a teeny tiny pile and do his big business on it, right there beside the box! I had to stay vigilant about keeping it swept up around the box.

    I hope the motion camera video helps identify the culprit. Then it’s onward to finding a resolution for the problem.

    I can so relate to the stress of it… what with Gandalf’s marking issue. I long for the days when it was just Gandalf and Grayson and NO Issues. Everybody was happy and things were always just lovely. It seems like a life-time ago now. ugh.

  6. Gemini, we hope you and Ichiro can work things out and your litterbox time remains private time and no one goes on the floor.

  7. What’s in your litter box? Apparenty, NOT what should be in your litter box!
    Ooopsy, poopsy.

  8. That does sound like a problem. We hope you two kitties can work it out. Maybe put the litter boxes further apart if they are close together. The camera sounds like a good idea. WE sure are glad you aren’t in trouble with your name Chey. Take care.

  9. We hope you can work out this litter box issue too. Paws crossed that your beans can find a good solution.

    And we’re also glad you’re not in any legal hot water!

  10. I sure hope you can work it all out peacefully sweet Gemini.

  11. Some cat at our house occasionally does the same thing–it’s either Felix or Sylvester. Mommy likes the webcam idea but it just wierds US out.

  12. Miss Gemini
    Abby will not use the box. So Mom has put down training pads and she uses those.
    Abby will not share a box.
    and of course the rest of us do, so it was the best solution Mom could come up with.
    YOU do look beautiful!

    Ping purrs

  13. Recorded in the litter box… film at 11. I’m not sure that is legal. Are you gonna put the videos on YouTube….? Yikes. But if it solves the problem, maybe it’s worth it.

    Hope you solve the mystery.

    pawhugs, Max

  14. Aha….the litter bid’ness boxes–yea, I hear ya about ‘you know’. I think you guys will get it straightened off.

    On your Mama’s business–I think that will work out too!! I think it is exciting!! Lots of prayers and purrs for the new adventure 🙂


  15. Wait…names and titles can’t be copyrighted. It doesn’t matter if there’s a book or series of books out there with Cheysuli in the name…unless it’s trademarked, it’s up for grabs. the author of those books can get her panties in a wad but she can’t legally stop you from using the name. If titles and names could be copyrighted, there wouldn’t be a thousand books with the title “Full Circle.”

  16. A ladycat definitely likes her PURRivacy when she’s doing her business. It sounds like you don’t get any — PURRivacy, that is! If it’s not Ichiro bugging you, you’re being filmed. But then, I take pictures of Dante doing his thing, so I guess I can’t be too judgmental. Oops!

    I hope your Mom and Dad can figure out a good place for you to go where you won’t be bothered.

  17. I love this photo. You look very majestic, like a little lion! 🙂

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