Tabby Tuesday

Gemini shows her teeth.I know this is a little out of focus.  But you can see my teeth right?  They are in focus.


This is what I have to show Ichiro sometimes to make him leave me alone.


  1. That’s right, Gemini – if the teeth are in focus, nothing else matters.

  2. You look like you’re giving him a big piece of your mind! you tell’em!

  3. Yes, Gemini! And Gracie likes to do just exactly that very same thing with the boys. They need visual reminders, bless their hearts.

  4. That is a very clear message!!!

  5. Wow, we’d leave you alone too if you showed us those!!

  6. Oh, scary fangs! Angel Annie used to do that to us, but it didn’t seem to work on Nicki–or not for long!

  7. That certainly should do it!

  8. Oh, boy! We get the message too!

  9. Good for you Gemini, keep Ichiro in order.

  10. You go my teeny tiny girl!
    Ping purrs

  11. Some nice teeth there – use them responsibly!

  12. You is woman kittie, hear you roar.

  13. Those are awesome fangs, Gemini. We’d be trembling if we weren’t tough mancats.

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