Tabby Tuesday

This is unusual. You can see I am not at the top of the cat tree. Usually I sleep at the top. I like that.

My Dad is planning to get another cat tree. He thinks two tiers is enough because Chey likes her bed.  But if we only have two tiers I will have to sit by Ichiro and he will paw at me and I will have to swat him so that he knows not to do that.  In fact,  Mama thinks Ichiro is making me grumpy.  I took a swat at Chey as she went to pass me going down the stairs.  Chey stopped and Mama nearly stepped on her but avoided it and almost tumbled down the stairs.  It would have been Chey’s fault not mine.

Mama brought the pet sitter and showed her my latest greatest hiding place to.  How can I hide if Mama tells everyone where I hide?


  1. I definitely think you need a new cat tree. You shouldn’t have to share a level with Ichiro, especially if he is going to paw at you. No wonder you are grumpy. It’s not fair that your Mom shows everyone your hiding places. How can you ever get any privacy?


  2. Gemini, that was not fair of your human to tell the pet sitter your best hiding place! Now you will have to find a new one.

  3. Aw, ratted out by your own mommy! Not fun! I hope you get that new cat tree to compensate you for it!

  4. We all like the top shelf in our condo, Gemini. Wouldn’t it be something if someone invented a condo that had ALL top shelves? That would be srsly awesome!

  5. Life really is tough, isn’t it, Gemini?

  6. Gemini, we think you need a cat tree of your very own so you can sit where you want and not be bothered.

  7. The more cat trees, the better! By the way, Gemini, your coat is looking very floofy and beautiful.

  8. Oh yes, that does make biding more of a challenge!

  9. Hi there Gemini. You sure a good looking kitty. That Mom is very norty for telling about your hiding place. We don’t think she shoud have done that. Have a great Tues.

  10. Poor Gemini! You are so full of worries. I agree with you, though, that if mama didn’t reveal your hiding places, then you would have someplace to go to get away from it all.

  11. Yes, a new cat tree is definitely in order. Or maybe … a cat tree FOREST! 🙂

  12. You should has your own cat tree! We is glad yore Mommy did not tumble down tha stares. My Mommy tried that 5 weeks ago and she is still messed up from it.

  13. Oh my dearest sweetest baby puffalo.
    You look so beautiful on your cat tree.
    May I join you.
    Ping purrs

  14. Poor Gemini. It is not a hiding place if your mum keeps giving away your secret places.
    We think you should have at least three tiers so you can keep plenty of room between you and Ichiro.

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