Tabby Tuesday

Mama, do you think you could not put the camera so close to my face when I am napping?  It bothers my eyes if you put the flash on.

And so now you see that handsome Ping won’t get to see my pretty eyes at all.  And that’s not fair to him.

And Mama, stop trying to find where I hide when people come in the house.   You will not succeed and Marita will just have to live with not finding me when she pet sits next time.


  1. You hide from your pet sitter? How wicked! And what good fun too. Did she get all nervous? Target did that to our pet sitter. He’s wicked too.

  2. Boodie is the one who hides from strangers. She comes out for our petsitter now, but it took her quite a long while to get used to her.

  3. mamas are like that, they keep on shoving that flashy box in a kitties’ face.

  4. But my dear kitty, it’s impossible to take a bad picture of your loveliness!

  5. We don’t think those things are too much to ask of your mom. We hope she listens to you.

  6. Well we enjoy seeing a close up of you Gemini but we know that is such a pain to have to put up with. We all hide when strangers come. You would never know there are so many cats here. So we understand you hiding. It is much safer that way. Have yourselves a terrific day.

  7. it’s ok to hide from the pet sitter – just as long as you come out to eat sometime!

  8. Thanks for the heads up about the button. And yes, I hate it as well that mom sticks the camera in my face when I try to nap.

  9. I don’t blame you for keeping your eyes closed, Gemini! Those flashy boxes can be quite annoying (as can Mamas, sometimes).

  10. Oh, gosh, Gemini, our mom does the same thing with that darned flashy box! GRRRR!

  11. Only Ping should know your special hidey spot!

  12. Those are all reasonable demands and we think your mom should obey!

  13. Mum tries to not use the flash, but then we move and come out fuzzy.
    We used to hide from Holiday Auntie, but not any more because she gives us more treats than our Humans do.

  14. We’re lucky. TBT uses the zoom instead of shovin the camera up close. We still dont like the flashy, but it isnt as intense. Our revenge is turnin on our yellow lasers cuz he cant change those with the iPhoto!

  15. We agree with no flashy right in our faces.

  16. That’s exactly how you have to deal with the human staff. Don’t be afraid to tell them when something isn’t right!

  17. Any picture of you Miss Gemini is a treasure to me.
    Ping purrs

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