Sunday Guest Star: Junior, Orion and Sammy

Wow it was a tough one this week but with much work, Junior, Orion and Sammy found me, “Missouri?” and then…”Damn it!” (why yes!) … and “Bagnell dam?”  I even asked them to guess who I was visiting and they knew right away that I was visiting the Rocky Mount Meezers!

Eric and Flynn said, “Concats Junior, Orion and Sammy. We can’t believe it!!! We were just on our way back to say Bagnell Dam on Lake of the Ozarks. Mum’s fault for deserting us.”

And of course that was from y friends the Rocky Mount Meezers who had me come and visit.  We had no idea how difficult this would be to find us! Lots of cats thought I was farther east than I was.   This is a gorgeous place and I should very much like to check out any fishies that might in there.  They might make some good flakes.  It’s probably still a bit chilly this time of year though. Perhaps I should come back in July?


  1. We had no idea where you were. We just can’t believe you’re always around water.

    Truffle and Brulee

  2. We sure made some wrong guesses. MOL!

  3. Yay for Junior, Orion and Sammy! And those kitties across the pond, Eric and Flynn, seem to be better at places in the United States than most of those of us who live here!

  4. Naturally, we never know, but it is fun watching the others guess sometimes.

  5. Congrats to Orion, Junior and Sammy! We’re glad they found you. Don’t ever ask us to be your GPS.

  6. Concats to Junior, Orion and Sammy. We went too far east the first guess because you said there were Meezers nearby and our first thought was Miles and Sammy.

  7. We love wise cats. Congrats to Orion, Junior and Sammy!

  8. We couldn’t have done it without a clue or two and Meowms help! But we are so very happy! It is the first time we have guessed correctly!

  9. Whew !!!!!!!!!!
    Thank heavens that there are smart kitties to find you 🙂
    Way to go Orion and Junior and Sammy!!!
    Purrs Tillie and Georgia,
    Tiger,Treasure and JJ

  10. My goodness they sure got a super helping of smarts!

  11. I am not so good with geography—however I am good about sittin’ up on that perch with you guys. How bout it??


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