Sunday Guest Star: Eric and Flynn

I was getting a little nervous that no one would find me.  Samantha and Clementine sent me here. I was hoping to find that someone would recognize it.  And I waited, until finally, Eric and Flynn said, “Are you in Picacho Peak State Park? Well that is where we are heading, so we hope we find you there.” And they were right! YEAH

They also said, “We have to admit we went to facebook and looked at your clue. It is the first time we have done that but we were stumped! We googled State Parks between Tucson and the other place you mentioned which we have forgotten and looked at all the photos that came up until we saw where you were.”

Wow–they were willing to work to find me.  I love being loved!

And I am thrilled that Samantha and Clementine asked me to visit. I mean if I have to be lost some place, at least this was warm and dry!

We’d also like to tip our hat and offer our condolences  to our friends over at the Daily G’s who have recently lost their beloved Whitey. He was certainly a special guy.


  1. Congrats to Eric and Flynn! We had no idea where in the wide deserts we never seen ya might be. It is sure a relief that they found you.

  2. Concats to Eric and Flynn, such smarty cats!!! I was thinking that if you weren’t found right away you might have to hunt lizards and stuff.

  3. We are glad we were able to find you. We think mum quite enjoys looking things up to find where you are when we tell her she has to help.

  4. ConCatulations to Eric and Flynn. They found you from way across the pond!!!

    The Florida Furkids

  5. Congrats to Eric and Flynn!!

  6. Wowwie! Zowwie! Eric and Flynn is the bestest! Me thinks if Kozmo had asked them, he would have found Mr Chirpy weeks ago!
    Me is glad yous got found!

  7. Those boys sure are smart!

  8. Way to go Eric and Flynn!

    Hello gorgeous Miss Gemini.
    Ping purrs

  9. Yup that Eric and Flynn know how to find you Chey and good thing too. We sure don’t want to ever lose you. Have a great Sunday.

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