Sunday Guest Star: Cory

So there I was, just a little embarrassed that my friends might see what my human saw when she looked at Rooster Rock (it was not G rated) and I’d be laughed at all weekend.  I don’t know if Cory noticed but she found me immediately!  Cory said, “Are you at Rooster Rock State Park???”  And so I was.

Daisy, Marg’s Pets and Iza, Ayla and Marley all figured it out too. But they may have had some help from Cory (but I am all about help!).

You may be wondering how Cory could have gotten this one.   Well if you travel I-84 east from Portland towards Multnomah Falls and Eastern Oregon you’ll pass right by Rooster Rock State Park.  Now as Cory lives just outside of Portland (on the other side) we knew that there was a good chance someone in her house would recognize it and help her out and find me.  Alas, for the Meezers, no there are no chickens running around the rock.  At least we’ve never seen any…

Now I need to work on the Woman to go through some more photos that people have sent her and get on that and do a REAL Find Chey Friday.



  1. We need to get our mom to send you some from her travels!

    Truffle and Brulee

  2. Rooster Rock State Park ! Take note with High light….Nice park to meet bootiful grrlkitties : )

  3. What’s funny is that if you google Rooster Rock State Park images, you may see some nudie photos!!! I knew it right away, but wanted to put paw to google just to confirm…and mom had to put her hands over my innocent little eyes…I think there is a “free spirit” beach there!!!! Ha!

  4. Clueless, as always. That’s all’a us. Dur.

  5. Concats to Cory. We will get mum to look through some photos to send from places they have visited on cruises.

  6. Congrats to Cory! But we really think there should be chickens at Rooster Rock.

  7. ConCatulations to Cory!

    We’ll get Mom to look for some good photos for you.

    The Florida Furkids

  8. That Cory is one sharp kitty! We know Mommy has some good travel photos…

  9. She is such a smart cat! Me did not has any idea at all!

  10. That’s the ticket, I didn’t cheat, I just got some “help.” Yeah, yeah, that’s it!

  11. Cory is so smart, but I would have never got it!

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