Sunday Guest Star: Cody and Gracie

Super sleuths Cody and Gracie found me quickly this week. I thought I might be trapped until the flood waters went down but they were diligent.  They said,” We think you are in Roanoke, Virginia – Coming out of a mall parking lot (by JcPennys), and across from Fashion Floors on Electric Road. We hope the flooding isn’t getting you all wet. Getting wet isn’t any fun at all. Cody and Gracie”

Actually I am outside the Applebees which is next door to the door coming out by JC Pennys in Roanoke Virginia but it’s about as close as you can get.  That was where I got to meet the Hottie’s Mom and Sanjee shared this, “We reckonized where you was instantly! Mommy still laffs about wadin thru tha flood that time to git her car. MOL We is glad you founded your way home :) Purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrs, Sanjee.”

Yep, Sanjee’s Mom’s car was out there in the huge puddle.  Fortunately by the time they had to leave the water level had gone back down.  Of course, Mom Robyn had already gotten soaked walking out to make sure her car didn’t flood INSIDE as well as outside as it was nearly up to the underside of her car and the puddles were big.  The Woman and the Male had parked a little higher and farther over so their car was less at risk.

We were thrilled that we were found and asked our west coast friends how they did it.  Cody and Gracie said, “Yea, we are glad we found you. We noticed the name of the store across from you and used google to find stores with that name, and then used google street view to look around at a couple of the different places. Fortunately, you were at the third place we checked.”

See–aren’t they super sleuths?!


  1. We had visions of wet cats all over the place! But glad it seems evryone was safe and dry…

  2. I love google street view! It does make you feel like a spy!

  3. Concats to Cody and Gracie!

  4. Wow, that was pretty smart of Cody and Gracie!

  5. That was some mighty good detective work for sure. That could have been anywhere USA. Have a great Sunday.

  6. They are very, very smart!

  7. Congratulations to Cody and Gracie!

    Truffle and Brulee

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