Meezer Monday

All the cats with the hipster bag and goodiesWell everyone is here!  Look at us all checking out the cool hipster bag from the Tiniest Tiger. We won ours over at Zee and Zoey’s on the night of the A Catemy Awards.

We have a great nip pickle (which as we just got one from another win, we were going to let another cat win it except Ichiro opened it and dragged it off someplace, perhaps to have pickle babies with the other missing pickle).  We also go a Cattoo. but I think the woman will wear that. And coupons and a nip rattle and a no bird collar (not that we have birds in our house nor are we allowed out).  And the Woman thinks the bag is pawsome.

Ichiro got some stress relief remedy.  There’s a cool bookmark from Zee and Zoey and from Sparkle!  And Gemini is sitting over by some stuff from Iams that has a cat that looks a little like Ping on the cover.

But you know what?  Jackson Galaxy did not come with it.  I’m a little bit bummed about that.  But even without him the bag got us all together in the same photo!  Even if it’s not all that clear.


  1. That’s a real nice prize package you won, even if Galaxy wasn’t part of it…

  2. Wow, what a great load of goodies you got!!! We want to see the cattoo on your mom!

  3. I wish Jackson Galaxy had come with my bag! I was looking for him too. But when I found the Tickle Pickle, I sort of abandoned my search.

  4. Oh wow, you are all three at the same spot enjoyin something! Is that a record?

  5. Real nice package of goodies! We’d like to see Mr Galaxy too… can we catnap him if we all work together?

  6. That was a super package you won !!!!!
    The nip pickle sounds divine,heehee
    Thanks for your comments on Mickey’s memorial.
    We miss our cool cat.
    Purrs Tillie and Georgia,
    Tiger,Treasure and JJ

  7. Wow, that bag had a lot of cool stuff in it!!

  8. Hooray for the whole famdamily in one shot! Those are rare as chicken lips around here! srsly.

  9. cool swag!

  10. Concats on winning all that loot — pawwsome! 🙂

  11. Pawsome gift bag!!

    The Florida Furkids

  12. That is such a wonderful prize, even without Mr. Galaxy!

  13. That is great about winning all that loot. Too bad that silly pickle got carried off. Glad to see all of you having such a fun time. Take care.

  14. Must be a terrific prize package to get all 3 of you within camera range at the same time – and in the same shot. **dead faint**

  15. Cool prize package – something for everybody.

  16. That is a great prize package. Even the Woman gets something. Ichiro looks huge next to you in the photo. We were wondering how big you are.

  17. It figures that Ichiro ran off to play with his pickle….

  18. Wow that is so cool.
    We know you are ALL enjoying that great prize.
    hello gorgeous Miss Gemini
    Ping purrs

  19. What a great stash! Marg’s Google Reader was off her blog and I have not been able to find her on mine. Still MIA.

  20. Mr. Galaxy is like a cat super-hero and is out saving the naughty cats (and their not always understanding humans) of the world!! It’s a shame he didn’t come with the bag, but you still got a lot of cool stuff!! We love the picture and are especially excited to see our pretty bookmark front and center!! Whoo Hoo!!

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