Meezer Mancat Monday

Ichiro on the new cat treeThis is my new cat tree. It is MINE.  It is supposed to give me another place to sleep in the bedroom as I did not take to the bed they placed in there.   They hope that if I have another place to sleep if I get kicked off the bed by movement I will go and sleep in my own space.  I doubt that will work but it really is the thought that counts and I appreciate that!

It’s not super big and it tipped a little when I would jump on it here.  Dad got a big old piece of wood and put some other carpet down on and then nailed them all together.  He used double-sided tape to help stabilize the carpet before using the staple gun but the double-sided tape makes noise when I scratch on it and I love to scratch on it to make that noise.   It’s most of excellent of him to let it make that noise.

Gemini has not been using my post and that’s good.

Oh and Chey has a new Facebook Page. It’s sort of for all of us called the Cat Post Intelligencer.  If you haven’t liked us and are on Facebook go for it!  We’ll be taking down the “Cheysuli” page soon because, well, Chey’s name is copy righted to someone else and we want to honor that.



  1. I love it!
    It looks extremely soft and comfy. Bummer about it being tipsy, but thank goodness your daddy is a crafty guy!

  2. But, Chey, why do you look like a bird in your FB header image??? BTW, did the “other” Chey give you a bunch of fishy flakes to honor their copyright of your rightful name?

  3. That is a cool looking cat tree, Ichiro! And how awesome that it makes fun noises.

  4. What’s up with humans thinking we want any other bed than THE bed…or THE couch. I mean having cat beds and tress is awesome and all that, but it’s no substitute! Hold out for the real deal Ichiro!

  5. Aw, cool new tree! And awesome that it makes noise!!

    All you kitties are invited over to Leo’s gotcha day party! Have a niptini on him!

  6. It was nice of your Dad to fix up that tree to make noise when you scratch on it. Do you like to scratch in the middle of the night?

    The Florida Furkids

  7. Our condo is out on the patio. I thought about getting one for my office but they use my $35 painting ladder. I suppose I’ll have to remove it eventually once all the painting is done, but for now… 🙂

  8. The new cat tree looks pretty fun to us. Very clever of your dad to be able to “fix” it so it doesn’t tip over. And definitely nice to have that added bonus of the sound of scratching the double-sided tape! Bet it’s great fun at 2AM!

  9. We like your new tree, Ichiro! We bet you’ll have lots of fun on there! And we’ll go check out your new FB page!

  10. That is a very nice tree and you sure will get lots of enjoyment out of it fur sure!

  11. How thoughtful of your Dad to enrich your tree with a crinkly noise!

  12. Cool cat tree, handsome Ichiro; we’re glad your Dad fixed it purrfectly for you!…Happy week ahead, sweet friends…xoxo…Calle, Halle, Sukki

  13. What a great cat tree, Chey! I’m happy you have one all to yourself without that pesky Ichiro scratching it up. Go, Chey, go!

  14. That sure is a great cat tree Ichiro. Glad you like it and better yet, you can make noises. We went and liked Chey on Facebook. Hope all of you have a super day.

  15. That is one cool condo Ichiro!

    Hello gorgeous Miss Gemini
    Ping Purrs

  16. now that’s a really thoughtful gift, Chey. Now you can make noise all night long.

    And who had the cheek to copyright YOUR name???? Is it a political plot?

  17. Someone is takin yer name Chey? We don’t unnerstabnd. Are ya allowed ta explain more?

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