Find Chey Friday

Thanks to the Poupounette for helping us in Spain!I know I can reach the top if I just stretch a little farther!!!  And maybe then I can see where I am and how to get back home or maybe find my friends.  Hello?!  Can any body help me?!

Find Full Find Chey Rules here.



  1. Are you at the Cathedral of Our Lady in Burgos, Spain?

  2. ‘Kaika! I haven’t even posted this yet! How did you guess that so quickly?!

  3. I was at your website responding to your Wednesday post, and when I refreshed your page, you came up lost!

  4. Hey how pretty! Burgos is one of my favourite towns; very under rated yet teeming with history and the most amazing sausages ever… You’ve made me homesick.

  5. So… the pressure is off? Kaika found you early! hehehe.

  6. Wow! Have you ever been found as quickly before? Well done ‘Kaika.

  7. Wow, that Kaika is so smart! Chey, we don’t think you wanna be up on top…you might get jabbed with those pointy things up there!

  8. Good going, Kaika! That’s an impressive cathedral.

  9. I thot yoo wuz in the Big EEzy at that church in the berbin part of town. Ooops.

  10. Other than a church, we had no clue. Good to see you are trying to find your way home.

  11. We are most impressed! We were NOT going to tell…

  12. That is one HECK of a Cat Tree!

  13. Zippy qick fur sure! I had no idea…again!

  14. I don’t know where you are, Chey but it looks pretty impressive wherever it is.

  15. Wow, now youve been found before ya were even lost? Well done, Kaika! MOL…

  16. this is the perfect spot for kitties to play catch or tag 🙂

  17. Glad you were found immediately, gorgeous Chey!…Happy weekend, lovely friends…xoxo…Calle, Halle, Sukki

  18. Well I felt badly we didn’t get here yesterday, but it wouldn’t have done us any good anyway. Wow, Chey, you sure were found really quickly. Glad you can come home. Good one. Take care.

  19. You go to the neatest places Chey, we are late dropping by but we wouldn’t have known where you were at anyway. Glad smarter kitties were able to help you find your way home.

  20. Before we saw Kaika’s answer, we were googling famous cathedrals, but this one didn’t come up in the first batch. So we are very glad Kaika was so super smart.

  21. Way to go Kaika!


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