Find Chey Friday

Ah it’s warm. It’s dry. What more could a cat ask for?  Oh wait! It’s Dr. Seuss Day at Zoolatry and I need to get back!  I was told I’d be on her blog!  Help Me Please!!!

Find Full Find Chey Rules here.



  1. We don’t know where you are but we will try a guess at Big Bend National Park, Texas. We are not at all confident that we will find you there though. We will try and come back later and see if we are more successful.

  2. We don’t know where you are, Chey…as usual.

  3. Facebook hint please. MOL!

  4. Uh, no clue, but because I spy with my clueless eyes…a cactus…we’ll guess somewhere in Arizona.

    Purrs, Cory

  5. We think you are somewhere in the Big, Bad West and better get home before and rattle snakes or coyotes decide to come get you.

    Truffle and Brulee

  6. We don’t have any idea where you are either, but we bet it is probably too warm there.

    The Male is right about the perches on our tree, they are kind of small. All the laying down places are a bit small,but it is what we have for now, and for only$130 we can’t complain to much. It would be purrfect for cats smaller than us, say 10 pound cats. Meowm may begin the search for another more substantial tree for next year, we will see.

  7. Out west somewhere – hurry back!

  8. Eric and Flynn are in the area–and they might find out something from their wrong guess (that’s a really really obscure clue). Cory has the right state. Keep going guys!

  9. No clue as usual!!!

  10. I agree with the Island Cats!

  11. Pixel and Samba says:

    grand canyon? the big meteor crater. Tombstone?

  12. No. No. No. At least I think two is no…

  13. We have no clue…doesn’t look like any place in our country (Canada). LOL.

    Have a lovely weekend!

  14. We know you aren’t in Florida! We hope somebuddy finds you soon!

    The Florida Furkids

  15. Grand Tetons

  16. You’re in the Grand Canyon National Park in Arizona, somewhere around the South Kaibab Trail, but we’re still trying to figure out the name of that mountain…

  17. OK, we got it! SADDLE MOUNTAIN!

  18. That was not the name we were given for this place! But you do have the right state but am not sure you are in the right park.

  19. Looks great, considering we are getting snow. We want spring and NOW the snow shows up.

  20. We were going to say Arches…but those plants look more like Arizona or New Mexico.
    ; )

  21. Lots of people say Arizona. But it is not by the Grand Canyon. Can you find me closer?

  22. We just dont know annything about deserts!

  23. Are you in Picacho Peak State Park? Well that is where we are heading, so we hope we find you there.

  24. We think Eric and Flynn got it right. The early bird always catches the worm! We don’t know much about deserts, but we know lots about desserts!

  25. Chey – we don’t even know where we are half the time, so we certainly don’t know where you are either! Can’t you just stay home for once? Or come to our house… then we would know where you were!!

  26. Yeah for Eric and Flynn!!! Woo Hoo!!! And how did you boys guess?!

  27. We have to admit we went to facebook and looked at your clue. It is the first time we have done that but we were stumped! We googled State Parks between Tucson and the other place you mentioned which we have forgotten and looked at all the photos that came up until we saw where you were.

  28. Woo hoo to Eric and Flynn for finding you Chey. It was a good thing too because I don’t think you’d like being stuck out in the desert.
    Hello beautiful Miss Gemini.
    Ping purrs

  29. Mum just let us on the puter, we saw the clue. Late as usual, but glad someone found you. Did they bring fishy flakes for a snack?

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