Sunday Guest Star: Cody and Grace

Well here I thought I was some place unusual. I mean even Pixel and Samba who said “Go there!” didn’t know the name of the place just where it was!  And I have to thank them for the use of their photo.

Cody and Grace came right by and said, “Mom’s actually been there. Granted it was about 30 years ago, but you are near the old city hall clock tower in Munich, Germany.”  Eric and Flynn verified that they were right (although we knew they were).

Now that we’re here to party, the cats at the Katnip Lounge said, “Chey, while you’re there, do your WURST!”  Of course there is no such thing as Chey wurst.   Mao does not have to make jokes…

You cats are tough to fool!  You are very good.  I wonder where I shall wander to next week?!



  1. We are gonna HAVE to find you a place WE know for ya ta get lost at… So that we dont have ta feel clueless (and not guess).

  2. Still on the road, Chey? not that I ever knew where you were.

  3. Concats to Cody and Gracie!

  4. Congrats to Cody and Gracie!

  5. mmmmmmmm, Chey wurst…

  6. And those smart ones got it so darn fast too!

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