Find Chey Friday

Man this is the life.  I like this guy.  And this place.  Maybe I don’t want to be found.  Except–what if they don’t have fishy flakes?!  Okay then I will need to be getting back.  Anyone?  Anyone?

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  1. Whoa I don’t know where you are Chey but that looks a little kinky to me!



  2. We think you traveled across the pond for this one, Chey. Are you resting on the Neptune Statue in Versailles Gardens in France?

    Truffle and Brulee

  3. Why what well traveled cats you are Truffle and Brulee! Look at you youngsters go! How did you know? Was it because I thought it was my house?

  4. Wow, Truffle and Brulee are really smart girls!!

    The Florida Furkids

  5. Aw, you’re a lap kitty! Hee hee, couldn’t help it

  6. Chey, we left some fish flakes for you int he queens bedroom….

  7. And Truffle and Brulee, Kudos on the statue name. I was there and well this pic was ours and I still could not tell you the name..

  8. Hey Chey! come over and play. We think you’re only about one and a half hours away from our house, in the gardens of Versailles!

    The Chans

  9. Must be an enormous stachoo if yer hole booty can fit in his lap!

  10. Never having been outside of the house – except to go to the vet’s – I had no idea where you were, Chey. Once again.

  11. Concats to Truffle and Brulee. The statue of Neptune represents the River Loire.

  12. Those little sweet purrfections are very smart for being so young! Concats little ones! That Mr. Neptune guy sure has the purrfect lap for snoozing.

  13. Chey, what is with you and water?? You’re always getting lost near it. Good thing Truffle and Brulee knew where you were!!

  14. Oh, good… Our track record is intact. Clueless as usual. Happy Friday, Chey!

  15. My goodness those little ones are smart…and quick too!

  16. We knew having bicycled around the grounds once.(our mom not us. We don’t ride bicycles). Hope Neptune caught a big fishy for Chey.

  17. Yay Truffles and Brulee. Well done. We of course didn’t know where you were. Tha was a good picture. Glad you are on your way home for those fishy flakes. Take care.

  18. We might have gotten that one. Iffen we werent 14 hours too late! MOL!

  19. Glad those beautiful girls found you, lovely Chey!…Happy weekend, precious friends…xoox…Calle, Halle, Sukki

  20. We agree with the Mom from Sweet Purrfections.

  21. Chey – we’re just thrilled we made it to your site on Friday instead of Saturday!! We would still be wrong though…. we were guessing Greece, but we don’t know why!

  22. Chey
    It didn’t take any time for you to be found today!
    Way to go Brulee and Truffle!

    Hello gorgeous Miss Gemini
    Ping purrs

  23. Hooray for Truffle and Brulee!!!

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