Sunday Guest Star: Laila and Minchie

Photo courtesy of Laila and Minchie's blog.It was a tough one this week.  I wasn’t anywhere famous, but with help from Cory, who managed to locate the state and perhaps a human who is spending too much time on Facebook, Laila and Minchie managed to puzzle this one out.  They said, “Chey, are you at the North Bend, WA public library?”  Why indeed I was.  This is actually the old facade and they just finished re-doing the outside.  This was last summer before we started all the moves.  Notice the sunshine?

Anyway, we don’t get up there too much any more but who knows?  Duvall has a library too!  And that’s very close to us!  And the sun might shine again… and I know that always fools you when I’m in the Seattle area and there’s sun…

The Woman may actually take a few photos around here if the sun ever shows up again. You know she’s dying to take that new camera outside–er farther than the end of the driveway to show the house in snow…


  1. Congrats on figuring that out with help from Cory. I can never figure out where he is,.

  2. MOL! Yep, our secretary spends WAY too much time on Facebook! Thanks, Chey, for all the great clues! It’s so nice not to be clueless all the time!

  3. I knew the trees were Washington trees…but beyond that I had to come up with a wild *ss guess. At least I got the party started…so to speak!



  4. Again, mum not getting us here until way late. Not that we would have found you!

  5. Congratulations to Laila and Minchie. I hope that you do get sunshine so your Mom can give the camera a workout.

  6. Laila and Minchie are smart cats. However, Chey, it looks more like early Spring than summer – look at those small trees! No leaves!
    Nice looking library, especially for days when the sun shines and the bright light can come inside.

  7. Oh, thank goodness someone found you, Chey… so you can come back and leave us utterly clueless again next week! 🙂

  8. Congrats to Laila and Minchie!

  9. Concats to Laila and Minchie.

  10. Wow! that is a cool library! What does it look like now?? Our library looks like a 1970’s medical testing lab and it was just built 3-4 years ago. Bizarre. All form and no funtion.

    Thank you for the purrs and prayers for Mason. They really worked and he is home!!! A miracle for sure.

  11. Good looking and smart they are, what a great bunch!

  12. We’ll have to play again next time. Maybe we’ll feel a little smarter then. ; )
    Katie & Glogirly

  13. Whew!!!! Glad you were found!
    That was a neat place.Is it still neat looking>>
    Concats to Laila and Minchie 🙂
    Purrs Tillie and Georgia,
    Tiger,Treasure and JJ

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