Sunday Guest Star:Jasper McKitten

Pixel and Samba suggested a lovely place for me to visit.  Their humans have great places to go.  I liked it and thought it would be a fun place and perhaps one to perplex, but no Jasper McKitten came by and got it right away! I was very excited.  It was rather cold there and kinda wet.

Jasper said, “I know one! It’s the Swarovski Face Fountain in Wattens, Austria at the Swarovski crystal factory. What a cool place. I hope you had a good trip!”

I was quite excited that he found me.  Cody and Grace  also had an idea but they said they were moments too late–and they were right!  Domino, Merlin and friends also came by and said they knew it! Not too many other cats were there to guess.  Of course I wasn’t around to egg cats on.  We had no power from about an hour after I posted until late last night.  I was worried I would have to send a note via Facebook to other bloggers to let folks know why I wasn’t blogging.  But we got power back.

We were lucky. Some folks up the valley from us won’t have power until Monday.  That’s a long cold time for that!  Now all we need to worry about is flooding because now that it’s raining after all that snow, we might look a bit like that guy spitting water out of his mouth!  Winter in the Pacific Northwest can be fun sometimes.  We are not on a flood plain but the easiest and fastest way to civilization is through one, so traffic will be nasty when that floods.

Oh and the photo, not Jasper. It’s his friend Huggy Bear.  I really think he needs to get his humans to sort out their priorities.  There were no recent photos of him playing on the front of his blog…



  1. Yay for Jasper McKitten-cat! Yes, his mom and dad have been a little slack posting pictures of the McKitten-cats lately. Of course, Mom Paula hasn’t been to see his dad for an adjustment in a long time so she hasn’t been able to harass him to post.

    Truffle and Brulee

  2. It is great that some cats knew where you were, Chey. That was an interesting fountain.

    We are really sorry you lost power there, and hope and purr there will not be flooding!! Your weather sure has been severe for Washington. It is also hard in a new place, knowing what to expect. We got just a little, pretty snow yesterday, but we expect it to melt within the next couple of days.

  3. Congrats to Jasper McKitten-cat!
    Good thing they were quick to rescue you 😉
    Huggy Bear looks like he need a BIG belly rub! heehee
    Purrs Tillie and Georgia,
    Tiger,Treasure and JJ

  4. Now that’s just darn smart, and impressive too!

  5. Well, we missed this Find Chey…but we never would have known where you were. Congrats to Jasper!!

  6. We are always relieved to know you’ve been found, gorgeous Chey…Thank you for the visits and kind words you always leave for us…We hope you all are happy and well, enjoying a lazy Sunday together…Have a fun week ahead, precious friends…xoxo….Calle, Halle, Sukki

  7. We are glad you were found quick. It was furry cold there.

  8. Miss Gemini
    I am so glad you got your power back. I am worried over you. I hope your bad weather ends very soon.

    Ping purrs

    Thank you for your continued good cheer in regards to Abby. She is making tiny (but positive) steps toward getting better. We are all greatly appreciative of the support!

  9. We were so excited! We haven’t been close to finding you since the Hemmingway cat fountain, however long ago that was. I think Dad had seen that on Atlas Obscura a while back. The Huggy Bear pictures dominating my blog were from my SOPA black(cat)out.

  10. Chey, we are sorry our Mom is so slack. We don’t know what is the matter with her. Guess she is just getting old. Glad someone found you. Well done Jasper. Take care.

  11. Well done to Jasper for finding you.

  12. You sure do visit some fun and interesting places. Have a great week.

  13. Huggy Bear looks very huggable indeed!

    I’m glad you weren’t out of power for long — that’s a very serious thing in the middle of winter.
    At least you could all snuggle up together to stay warm (something that would never happen otherwise, I’m sure).

  14. Jasper McKitten: what a great name for a smart cat!

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