Wednesdays with Chey

Boy is it busy here.  First we moved and now I hear we are moving again.  And you know what?  The humans got a new bed and they did not even take me to the mattress store to help them pick it out.  The Woman realized her mistake right away but the Male thinks it is no big deal.  I think that is rude! Rude! RUDE!!!

At least they have a 120 day free exchange if I don’t like the bed once it is delivered.  This way they can change it if I hate it.  That’s important. And believe me, I will let them know if I don’t like it.

Alas there is no Find Chey Friday this week (and probably not next week either due to the holidays) because we won’t have internet this weekend.  They are moving house on Saturday but the computers come down Friday evening and they won’t have internet until Monday (and possibly longer).  I am pretty sure that worst case scenario, the Woman can transfer a photo from this computer to the netbook and at least update you all next week at Starbucks.    I think the Woman should get a chai for me too if she does that.  All this time in the apartment and she walks to Starbucks every day and never brings me anything.  How about a little milk eh?


  1. Boy, you are busy. I hope you like the new bed. I hope there is no unreasonable delay in getting your internet set up in the new place. I do think that the Woman should bring you something good from Starbucks.

  2. Too much moving! That would exhaust us! Yes, the Woman should bring you a Chai from Starbucks. That is only proper.

    Luf, Us

  3. I hope after this move, you won’t have to do it again for a long, long time, Chey! I agree about the mattress being picked without your input – totally rude! Tell them not to wait 6 months -return that thing now!

  4. Oh Chey!! No bed testing,no internet and no milk!!!!!!
    That is no way for you to be treated!!!
    WE hope they are saving it all up for when you get to your new home 🙂
    Our Chey needs to be pampered!! It’s your right…right?

    Purrs Tillie and Georgia,
    Tiger,Treasure and JJ

  5. We hope your noo move goes OK ~ hurry and get internets back!

    ?°_??_*?°?°/ ? \*?°?°*?°*?*?°?°*?°*?*?°?°*?°*?
    ?. (´• ?•)*.?*/?.?\*?.*?_?_____*?°?*?°**?°?°*?°*?
    .°( . • . ) ?°./• ‘? ‘ •\.?*./______/~?*?°?°*?°*°*? ?°*?
    *(…’•’.. ) *???????°.???????????*?°?°*?°* ??

  6. Whoops sorry ~ for some reason pur graphic went wonky when we posted it in the comments!

  7. So much moving, and so close to the Holidays!! But it will be good once you are all in the final new place. We hope everybody, cats and humans, loves it!

    WHAT – the Woman has been going to Starbucks daily and bringing you NOTHING?

    I agree totally about the bed, Chey. It sure is a good thing about the 120 day exchange policy. But note that you can never get the OLD bed back.

  8. Oh Chey! You sure have had to endure a lot lately! We hope all goes well with the next move.

  9. We think that’s too much moving, too, definitely added stress over the holidays! We wish you good luck….and maybe you’ll get a chai latte! (Our mom’s favourite!)

  10. OK, Chey, once the move is complete, you should rtobably think seriously about checking “her” into some kind of facility so she can get her priorities right when t comes to beds, Starbucks and all other matters…

    The Chans

  11. Well, you’re right, Chey, as always. They could have at least had you lounge around and test mattresses for a few hours. Chillaxing is what we do best.

    Hey, we gave you all an award!

  12. Good luck with the big “M”!
    We know that is not much fun, but we look forward to hearing how you love your new home.
    That’s a drag about the no innernets, but it’s only for a short time.
    I’ll be right here if you need me Miss Gemini!
    Ping purrs
    (gee Mom just typed in Ping puffs!) Silly Mom!!!

  13. Good luck with the move! Hey, since Chey won’t be anywhere on Friday I could get my first one right!

  14. You do sound really busy Chey. And that was rude that you didn’t get to try out the bed. Hope you like the bed. We will miss trying to find you on Friday but we never know where you are anyway so we aren’t much help. Good to know you will be safe at home. Take care. Good luck with the big move.

  15. What? Not even a little whipped cream? Where’s the love people????

  16. The woman is clearly out of her mind with stress. Better give her a purry furry headbutt, Chey!

  17. I wish you an easy and safe move!

  18. Have a great move! It will take you days to sniff every inch of it.

  19. Now that I think about it, you very rarely see cats advertising for mattresses…. it really is very rude and thoughtless. You be certain to let them know how you feel. If we don’t see you in the next couple of weeks, have a great holiday and love and purrs to all!!

  20. Good luck with the move Chey! It is rude they did not consult you about the bed, but….maybe you should just sleep on the woman so you never have to deal with it. It’s the least she can do for you.

  21. Good luck on the move.

  22. Chey, we are sending you, your fur mates and the Humans mega purrs for a smooth move. It’ll be an adjustment but this is a dream come true. Just think: more space, a Zen garden, a new bed to put your mark on AND the Humans will be happier. Happier humans = happier cats.

  23. We hope everything goes well with the move and your internet is soon up and running.

  24. Well, Chey, if you have to move, then at least you should get to approve the bed, only fair. And yes, you should have something delicious, like cream, brought back from Starbucks. Best of luck with the move.

  25. What?! How dare your humans purchase anything without your approval?

  26. I guess all of you will be glad to get this last move over with. Just think how much fun it will be to investigate a new house. And for sure, they should have consulted you Chey before buying that new bed. How could they do that to you. Hope the move isn’t too bad. Take care.

  27. Hope you are settling into your new home with the high windows and no trees. But you’re there. And Gemini. And Ichiro. And the new bed. Have you approved it yet?

  28. Hi Guys! We popped back over to wish you and yours a Happy Christmas and a joyful and healthy new year. xx

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