Wednesday With Chey

Well these are older photos still from the apartment.  The Woman needs to get her act together and get photos of us in the new house.  I have toys from many friends to play with!  I can’t wait!  Sheesh. How long am I going to have to wait to get my needs me.  I mean, is my Ess even un-hidden from under stuff?

I’m glad this is the last move. I think the Woman is getting lazy about putting stuff away.  I mean it’s only two moves in under three months. It’s not like it’s a lot or anything.  And they didn’t even move most of their stuff into the tiny apartment.  I would think she’d want to get stuff organized.  I guess something about houses designed by men and not having the shelving she needs to put stuff away.  My cat food fits.  That’s all that is necessary.  She can do without all that other stuff.

I guess there is a long shopping list of stuff that she is hunting down on Craigslist.  She wants a china cabinet (which she has seen as low as $75 and these people will deliver it for a low amount too!) and some more bookshelves and a lovely set of stair-step cubbys that she wants from Ikea–she can put carpet remnants on the top and have a nice place for me and Ichiro and Gemini and still have a place to tuck her crafty stuff.  I think this is the smartest idea ever.

Now, you may admire me while you watch Warehouse 13.  Feel free to ignore Ichiro.


  1. Mom’s head is spinning at the thought of 2 moves in 3 months. It’s not a pretty site!!

    The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

  2. We have never understood why anyone would want to watch TV when there are beautiful kitties to admire.

  3. My mom shudders at the thought of trying to move with all of us in tow….can you imagine? We are glad you can settle in Chey…but we are a bit disturbed that your Ess is still missing.

  4. Chey… can you tell my why the Ess wasn’t the FIRST thing your humans unpacked? There is something wrong with that picture!

  5. Maybe your mummy is just tuckered out by all this moving! Poor thing. She needs hugs, Chey.

  6. Oh Chey!!!
    Your needs should have been met first!!!
    Cats Rule,don’t they know????????????
    Purrs Tillie and Georgia,
    Tiger,Treasure and JJ

  7. Those stair step cubbies sound like a great idea – something for her, and something for you!
    We are glad your foods fit in the cupboards.

  8. Chey, we hope the woman gets her act together soon. You are the first priority, after all!

  9. We hope the Woman gets her priorities sorted out and unpacks all of your things without further delay.

  10. We’re very glad you are in your TRUE FOREVER HOME at last!!!!

    The Chans

  11. Well Chey, at least you don’t have to move again. And hopefully things will be organized soon. Mom probably needs a little break. Take care.

  12. No more mves must be your mantra, or at least the new slogan of your next run for president. The only need for shelving is for your cat food, treats, etc. It’s because we meezers run the world.

  13. Maybe you should just start unpacking everything and see what happens!

  14. Woooo did you say 2 moves 3 months and the holidays in between? WoW oh wow!
    We are all glad you are moved for the last time as we know how stressful that is for efurryone.
    I am purring for you Miss Gemini.
    Ping purrs

  15. You mean to tell us the Ess has not been found yet? That should have been your mom’s first priority!

  16. Last move. Best move. One box at a time. Stairstep cubbies are most useful.

  17. It’s good to be settling in. Why you ever had to move in the first place is a mystery. Humans are so unaccomodating.

  18. What TV? I just see pretty kitties. I’m glad you’re getting settled in. I hope to see pictures of your new place and toys when you’re mommy gets the time. Mommy loves her china cabinet. I hope your mommy gets one she likes too!

  19. The boys have never moved… OH they moved her, but they’ve never been in a move with all the boxes and the furniture moving. I have and it’s horrible…. But, it is fun when they start unpacking the boxes and we get to play in them.

    Have a great day. I’ll look forward to new pictures when your mom takes them.

    pawhugs, Max

  20. We;d rather watch you two than TV! xx

  21. Whoa! Two moves in less than three months!!! You kitties must feel very discombobulated. I applaud you for your stamina.

    While it’s fun to sniff everything that’s out of place ’cause it would normally be put away, it’s much more comforting to have stability.

    Lovin’ the pic of both you and Ichiro! He’s such a big boy now.

  22. So many moves! We hope things calm down now and wish you all the best for 2012!

  23. For some reason, I thought you were sitting in front of a laptop and I could not figure out how you got so tiny in that photo!

  24. Oh My Cat! TWO moves??? We don’t even like it when Mommy moves a piece of furniture in OUR house!!
    But we’s glad you is home and helping watch such quality TV as Warehouse 13 (our Mommy loves that show!).

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