Wednesday with Chey

Chey is watching Warehouse 13.  What are you watching?You may wonder where I am sitting. I have discovered that sitting in front of the flat screen television allows me to be worshiped without requiring my humans to move their eyes hardly at all.

As you can see, I sit calmly near the corner of the screen.  From time to time, I may actually move the middle of the screen but this causes the Male to yell loudly and I dislike that loud noise. I believe my beauty must over stimulate him.

I find that this works well and I can take a little snooze while sitting when the humans are watching television. The danger of course is getting to comfy and having Ichiro come and jump on my head.  He comes from behind me so that he can walk in front of the screen.  I believe it is because he likes the sound of the Male’s voice.

There are any number of wonderful nature shows that show off blue skys so they match my eyes.  The humans are not watching one here. Someday they will learn how to worship me properly.


  1. Teaching the humans to worship you sounds like kind of hard work!

  2. In front of the screen looks like a very good place to be adored from.

  3. Since they always stare in that direction, it seems to be a perfect spot to sit!

  4. We think watching you, Chey, would be so much better than watching that stoopid TV.

  5. What a great idea…. but, with you in that spot, I am sure they will be focused on you rather than the tv

  6. I agree with The Island Cats, you are way better!!!

  7. that is a great spot Chey!!!

  8. That has to be the purrfect spot to sit to get worshiped. Too funny. Why didn’t we think of that. You sure do look pretty in that picture. Hope all of you have a great day.

  9. I bet the tv gives off a subtle amount of heat, just to warm your furs a little while you are being worshipped. An extra bonus.

  10. We are sure you are correct that you are being worshipped. And rightly so. We have a worship box in our house too. It even provides of the gift of warmth as it radiates heat onto our spectacular bodies. We have a Male that yells too… Since their are seven of us, sometimes he complains because apparently he does not know who to worship first when several of us stand in front of the worship box…

    Purrs from Zee, Zoey, Mia, Peanut, Rolz, Harley, and Jazz

  11. Excellent strategy, Chey! But we agree, you’re far more interesting and entertaining than anything on the human’s TV!

  12. That’s the way to work it Chey!

    Hello beautiful Miss Gemini.
    I finally recovered from my shock yesterday.

    Ping Purrs

  13. Those humans are *always* looking at that thing anyway, so your strategy is BRILLIANT, Chey!

  14. Nothing can match the beauty of meezer blue!

  15. Proper feline worship takes years to master…so as a substitute, I accept well used socks.

  16. I agree, Chey — humans just don’t have their PURRiorities straight! Worshipping you should be Number One on their list of things to do.

  17. Excellent idea. Will have to give that a try.
    Thanks so much for your kind words when Opus, my sweet nephew, had to be helped to the bridge last week. It meant a lot to me and my family to hear from you.

  18. I do the same ~ it werks!

    Love Milo xx

  19. Chey, we actually like playing with the people who run around on the TV screen. For some reason our people yell when we do that.

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