Tabby Tuesday

I had a very nice Christmas. You see Ichiro’s litter box isn’t up yet.  Chey’s Ess is still hidden under stuff.  But I, I got a new bed.  Yes. Momma thinks it is her bed. Dad thinks it is his bed, but I am the one who hides under the covers and snoozes.  Momma says I am so cute all tucked down under the covers and sometimes my nose peeks out but not much.  She knows when I am there because, well, she is Mom.  And by a lump she can see on the bed, but that of course is not me at all.

I do not like that I get kicked out of the bedroom and there is a this big noisy thing that I have to walk on if I want to get close to Momma.  Someone used a rug as a litter box downstairs and Momma blames me.  She says I have a temper like that.  She is right, I do.  Of course, Chey was the one who was pleased that Dad stepped in it as he left this morning.

At any rate, for those who are tracking Mom’s progress, she was disappointed in Aperture, so the Mac is not likely to come back.  She pretty much likes Corel as it works very much like Photoshop elements, with a few things that are easier to use.  She likes the organization/editor all in one better than Elements.  Also, it does a few things more easily for her.  However, for those cats who find that Elements is too complicated, don’t expect that Corel is any less complicated.   On the other hand, Momma wants something with all the whistles and bells (I hope they are not too loud).


  1. I don’t understand why humans would want whistles and bells either. They freak us out.

    Um…and the bed? It is yours. No question about it.

  2. Yes, as Cory says, the bed is definitely yours. Where do the parents get the idea it is theirs?

  3. How weird that there should be any debate at all about that bed, Gemini – it is definitely yours!

  4. A new bed just for the kitties! Coolies! I’m sure you’ll share, but they have to admit that it’s yours of course. Merry Christmas!

  5. Don’t all beds belong to the cats? Silly humans!!

    The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

  6. Gemini, we are glad you had a nice Christmas and got a new bed. Yes…that is your bed despite what your mom and dad say. They will learn.

  7. I agree with Sparkle, the bed is yours, we all voted!

  8. Gemini, it is great to hear that you got a beautiful new bed for Christmas and are kind enough to let the beans share wif you. BonBon also likes to get under da covers on our bed, too.

    Our mombean bought herself PSE10 because it was half price, a 3 day sale, just before Christmas. She couldn’t pass up that deal. She likes it so far. She helped us make our Christmas card wif it. As for her organizing our photos – she is hopeless at that!


  9. Oh Miss Gemini
    YOU look so beautiful way up high. I like to get up high too and climb. Maybe we could go climbing together??

  10. Yay, your best gift? A new home with a new bed. We hope you settle in fast and cozy.

  11. Gemini, you are so pretty 🙂
    We are sorry you get kicked out of YOUR bed 😮 sheesh!
    We giggled that the Male stepped in some pee 😉 heehee
    Mom also got PSE 10 before Christmas as it was on a really nice sale 🙂
    She is getting better with it and likes it.
    She has a very old Paint Shop(version 6 by JASC ) she likes the tubes 🙂
    Sometimes she does a pic in both,depending on what she is doing.
    She also got Lightroom on a super sale too and has no idea how it works :/
    Organization is a bit messy on our computer 🙂 hahahahaha
    Purrs Tillie and Georgia,
    Tiger,Treasure and JJ

  12. A new bed for Christmas. That’s a very good present, Gemini.

  13. Of course the bed is yours, the same as the recliners are ours and the Humans sit on the floor so as not to disturb us.

  14. The whistles and bells are the hard parts for my Mommeh!

  15. Thanks for the laugh. Our Mom needed that now. Glad things are getting a little organized.Take care.

  16. glad to hear all’s well in your end. new bed eh? I (Emma) have always been sleeping in between mama’s legs. Lately because it is winter, Buster sleeps in between mama and papa to avoid cold.

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