Tabby Tuesday

Momma I think you are getting a little too close with that camera. How will anyone know that you are taking a photo of me that close?!

Oh look!  yes, you can see it is me.  It is Gemini.

I am a little bit nervous this week.  Lots of things are going into boxes again.  I like this place.  I feel safe here because it is just big enough for me to know where things are.  I love sitting on the arm of the sofa and looking out at the birds.  We are higher up so I am above the birds and that is very exciting.  Momma says that there will be high up windows were we are going but they will not yet have trees.

My Dad wants to build a Zen Rock garden. I hear they have sand. Do you think he is making me a big old litter box? I hope so.  That would be excellent!  Of course, Momma does not like me to go outside because if I get scared I would just run and run and run and run and maybe hide and she worries that she would never ever find me again.  I would find her. I am a smart little cat.


  1. Gemini, maybe your mama could build you an outdoor enclosure so you could be outside, but still safe. We think a giant litterbox outside sounds really cool too.

    Cody and Gracie

  2. Definitely your Dad will be pleased if you use the Zen garden as a litterbox. My Mom understands your Mom’s concern about you running. That is why Audrey has never been allowed out beyond the deck.

  3. Wow, a zen garden litter box would be the best thing ever! You could make designs in the sand and meditate… all while you were taking care of your business!

  4. I understand your mom’s concern, I feel the same way about my babies. But just think of all the fun stuff you’ll have to sniff at when you get to the new place! Who needs outdoors!

  5. Gemini, we love your close up. You are very pretty and yes, very smart too 🙂
    A giant litterbox? Now that sounds too cool./You could have lots of friends over 😉 heehee

    Purrs Tillie and Georgia,
    Tiger,Treasure and JJ

  6. Moving is No Fun, Gemini. We moved from Florida to Georgia 6 1/2 years ago and to the Swamp 2 years ago. Demand much attention. This is key!

  7. A Zen garden/litterbox sounds terrific, Gemini. Though we think you’re better off staying inside, unless you will have an enclosed catio!

  8. I still dream of a huge outdoor enclosure where I could go outside…mom has seen places like this in Florida…but nothing like that here in Oregon. I can’t go outside either Gemini…mom says I’m too innocent…not like my siblings…..

  9. That is a great pic sweet Gemini! Hey sweet one, stay inside where you can be safe!

  10. Dearest Gemini, tell the others this will be the last and best move. So much to look forward do lie meditating in a Zen garden!

  11. That would be really great if the new Zen garden is a nice new litter box. Just imagine all the fun you can have. Hope all of you have a very Happy Tuesday.

  12. A Zen garden sounds interesting. Perhaps the garden will be indoors, in your courtyard.

  13. Gemini
    Are you getting ready to move into your new house?
    I bet you will like it there once you get settled in and I think you might not need to use the “M” word for a long time.
    I am purring for you.
    Ping purrs

  14. when you get to your new place, you’d be busy for a while rubbing your fabulous scent all over the place. you’ll have fun kitties.

  15. Moving is very, very skerry! But I do agree, you are a very smart little cat!

  16. Yes a Zen garden is the purrfect place to rearrange poops. Perhaps they will enclose it so dat yoo dun run away and hide? Dat wud be purrfectly pawsome!


  17. That zen garden litter box sounds like the cat’s meow!

  18. A zen garden with a giant litterbox sounds wonderful. Yes Gemini, we can well believe that you are a very smart cat.

  19. Oh we know you wouldn’t run far, Gemini!

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