Safe and Sound for New Years

Happy New Year from CheysuliIt’s almost New Years and I hate traveling around on New Year’s Eve.   So many drunken teleporters and that can cause accidents you know.

Instead, I’m here enjoying my nip and toys from Paws and Effect.  As you can see, Ichiro was very interested in the organic catnip pickle. This may have gotten him even more than the nip nanner.  He was bunny kicking it and everything at one point.  I had to check out the whole box, but as you can see here, I am taking a moment to snoopervise Ichiro while I check out the nice card.

Gemini found the empty pickle bag quite fascinating.   It probably had some residual nip and no one else was bothering that so she made herself at home with it.

Thanks to the cats at Paws and Effect for the special New Years treat!  I mean who knows where I’ll go with that nip?  But I’ll be safe at home while I do it!

Happy New Year all you cats and your people. May it be a glorious one. Oh and could you purr for my friend Carmen’s kit, Pooh Bear? He’s not doing well at all and could use some purrs.


  1. Happy New Year to you, too, Chey, and to the Woman, Miss Gemini, Ichiro and the Male! Purrs going out to Pooh Bear.

  2. Happy New Year to you and your gang, Chey. I agree, stay tucked up nice and safe on New year’s Eve … I want a nice peaceful night. After Mikey’s bad behaviour with the Christmas catnip mice, I’m locking everything away so he’s not tempted.

  3. Do I detect a bit of superiority in your “look” at Ichiro? Kittens can be kind of juvenile sometimes.

    We are sorry to hear your friend Pooh Bear is not doing well.

  4. Oh boy !!That is a timely gift:)
    We think it is smart to enjoy nip
    in the safety of your own home 😉
    Purrs Tillie and Georgia,
    Tiger,Treasure and JJ

  5. We’ll all be home safe and sound for New Year’s Eve too…For the mom, the “new year” really begins when Spring starts. 🙂

    Purrs for both Pooh Bear and Carmen, purrayers going up for his Highest Good.

  6. Very wise, my furriends, not to be casting oneself about on such a wild weekend as this one coming up! Purrs and prayers for Pooh Bear and mom, along with best wishes for the new year.

    Tom, Mittens & Mom Julie

  7. What a great package of stuff you got, Chey! A nip pickle sounds pretty interesting…but anything with nip always makes us happy!

    Happy New Year to you…and all the rest of your family, Chey!

  8. Happy New Year Chey! I didn’t realize that drunk teleporters were an issue, but now that you mention it, I’m glad I know…not that we’ll be going anywhere on NYE…we stay safely at home too.


    Cory and family

  9. OMC a stuffed pickle nipper! Oh dat’s just too cool. Happy New Year to you all! May 2012 be filled with love and pawsome oppurrtunities.

  10. New Years Nip – purrfect. Have a really happy new year from us – FAZ and Birks

  11. A very Happy and Healthy New Year to all of you too. And many purrs to Pooh Bear. Hope the kitty feels better soon. That pickle looks like so much fun. Have a great week end.

  12. Happy New Year! I am glad you are safe and sound. We have been purring for that Pooh Bear.

  13. We are gonna stay home too…mainly because there are fireworks near our house and we have to inspect under all the furniture. You know, for the New Year.

  14. Happy New Year to everyone at your house!

  15. A very happy New Year to all of you this year (esp you Miss Gemini) and mega purrs for Pooh Bear….

    Ping purrs

  16. You know, my human Tommy just blubbers when she looks at you guys. She had Before Siamese and loved them lots. So if Tommy is at your door—RUN! 🙂

    PS. Cool toys!!

  17. We are glad to hear you have managed to not get lost for the New Year. Safe and sound sounds good to us.
    We are purring for Pooh Bear.

  18. Happy new Year to you! My chocolate point “meezer” is sitting on the table next to me purring. So he should- he’s full up with beef stew that he “found” in my bowl when I had to go and make a phone call. Oh well…

  19. Happy Happy New Year!!!
    …enjoy that pickle : )
    Katie & Glogirly

  20. Happy New Year to all of you. May 2012 bring much peace, love and purrs of happiness!

  21. Looks like you guys had a great Christmas with fun toys and we love the nip, purrfect for New Year’s celebrations :)…Wishing you all a very Happy New Year filled with great health, much love and tremendous joy…love and hugs, precious friends…J, Calle, Halle, Sukki

  22. All the very best to you for the year 2012!!


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