Meezer Mancat Monday

Ichiro is a love bug.I hate to stay still when the camera comes out!  I just know that photos are better if I am up close and personal. That is the sort of guy I am — up close and personal! Mom says I am kind of a love bug.  Except when I give her little love bites.  Then she says OUCH and says I am mean.  It was just a little love bite.  She tastes so good, can I help it if I have to sink my teeth into her as far as they will go?

Cheysuli is the same way. What is it about Women?  They don’t like a guy cat who is up close and personal and gives love bites?


  1. You gotta bite all soft and nice! Then the girls will like it…Nigel makes the same mistake with my momma Ellie.

  2. Maybe you boycats don’t know when you are being too rough!

  3. When Harley gets into maniac play mode, he usually bites, too!

  4. We give love nibbles too. It shows we care! xx

  5. They need to learn to like the bitey!!

  6. Our mom doesn’t like love bites, either. Derry tries once in a while, very gently, but the mom hisses at him then gets up and walks away, ignores him. She used to do that with Annie too. I haven’t tried a love bite in a long time. But you know what? Sometimes the mom will put her teeth on the scruff of my neck and tell me that *she’s* the dominant cat in the house. Ha. As if.


  7. mommy does not like it when i give her legs love bites either. – Nicky

  8. Only one of us does the bitey thing. And he has learned to be a little more careful. We know it is just a sign of affection, but it still hurts like crazy.. Hope all of you have a great day.

  9. Those are only love nibbles.

  10. Your mom must be very tasty. We prefer love nibbles to love bites.

  11. My 5 sisters are the same way, I just figured that was normal!

  12. Oh…your Mom sounds TASTY! We’ll be right over.

  13. Buster bites a lot, all the time. But the cute little bites that don’t hurt. Mama yells all the time and I hiss at him when he does this.


  14. Ichiro
    Abby gives Mom love bites too.
    None of the rest of us do though.
    Hello gorgeous Miss Gemini
    Ping Purrs

  15. But Ichiro, love should not hurt.
    Love bites usually do :/
    That’s just how it is !

    Purrs Tillie and Georgia,
    Tiger,Treasure and JJ

  16. Maybe putting your teeth in as far as they will go is a little hard. I like to chew knuckles, but I do it gently…usually.

  17. Target does that too. Little nippy love bites are OK but chunky tooths at 4Am are not so much fun!

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