Wednesday with Chey

See what I got from my friends Ayla, Iza and Marley?  It’s a very cool toy.  We got several of them but only one came out for photos.  The Woman says we  should use them as a housewarming at the new house too.

The Woman also said we would like playing with them on smooth floors better. Now, we’ve never had them in our old house so I am not sure why she knows all of this.  It bothers me that she might be playing with cat toys without me.   She could be a secret toy hog!

At any rate, we had a great deal of fun with this little toy. It has already disappeared so perhaps the Woman was right about saving a couple for the new home.  At least I have some more.  I also learned that out at the new house there is a grocer who sells raw milk and the bottles have these on them so perhaps we will get some again sometimes! That could be exciting!


  1. I hear those toys are really fun! The humans here do not drink milk, raw or otherwise, so I’ve never played with one. There is a manufactured cat toy that is kind of like them, but I bet it is totally not the same.

  2. Sometimes the simplest toys are the very best!

  3. That looks like a great toy, Chey. #1’s first Aby, Ikkyu, loved to play with them and would catch them in mid-air! We have developed a fancy for ponytail bands lately…

    The Chans

  4. Cool toy, Chey! I hope you find it. I love playing with milkrings, but they keep disappearing on me too.


  5. We agree ~ sometimes things that are meant to be toys are GREAT fun!

  6. Neat toy! We find that the refrigerator eats them. Sometimes we can get Mom to run the yardstick under it and rediscover them!
    Happy Wednesday,
    ~ Noah

  7. milk rings ROCK!!

    and that’s just not right about your mom secretly playing with your toys.

  8. Isn’t it great finding new ways to play in a new place? Enjoy the new toys.

  9. Oh yes! Floors with no carpet are great for toys! Maybe your Mom is going to a place with no carpet and playing with your toys? That would be so bad!

    Luf, Us

  10. A secret human toy hog, uh oh! Our mom takes a flashlight and searches under everything for hidden treasure.

  11. That does look like a fun toy Chey. We like things like that too. Good that the woman saved some for the new house. When are you all going to move?? That will be an exciting day.
    Take care. Be good, Santa is coming.

  12. we love those things and the ties that come from the supermarket or the loaf of bread.

  13. That sure looks like a great whappin thingy fur sure!

  14. You really seem to like that toy, Chey, but I can’t quite figure out what it is. Sometimes the smallest toys are most intriguing. Domino actually prefers batting around a hazelnut in the shell more than anything. She plays hockey with it.

    Your new place is sounding better and better all the time.

  15. Just right Chey.
    Wow we had something weird happen in Firefox when trying to access your webpage.
    It said that “there was an error in establishing a data base error” whatever that means.
    So we came over to Chrome and no problem seeing your website.

    Hello sweet beautiful Miss Gemini
    Ping purrs

  16. Oh yes, that looks like a perfect smooth-floor toy!

  17. I can see you have a great time!!!!

  18. Wow!! The marvels of technology continue to amaze!!! That is a great toy and we insist our human get us one this very instant. We will play with it on our smooth floors and then we will promptly loose it under the couch. Heaven’s only knows when our human will actually make the effort to move the couch to find it and the remaining cat wonders of the world…

  19. Pixel and Samba says:

    we have these in the house. or had we should say. they all went missing . She needs to find them for us

  20. Maybe it should have a blinking light in it….=^Y^=

  21. We have a similar toy to play with and love it. Smooth floors make it more fun! Thank you for all your visits and purrs for Yoko – Mom has had her hands full trying to keep up with all of us!

  22. You should put in an order for a toy, we mean BOTTLE, a day!

  23. Oh, we love those but our Mommy usually picks them up and throws them away when she finds them on the floor. Your Mom is right they do great on laminate/tile/hardwood floors.

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