Tabby Tuesday

This is my favorite spot to watch the big crows and the squirrels. There are trees right outside (so it is not as bright as Momma would like) but the squirrels love to climb the trees.  From here I can look out and look through the branches when there are no naughty squirrels and watch the crows flying around.  Sometimes they fly right towards me!  I get so excited.  It makes Momma laugh.

I like this place. I come out and do not hide hardly at all. Momma isn’t sure if it is because it is smaller and more manageable for me so I am not so afraid or if it is because it is smaller and therefore all her feliway diffusers are more concentrated so I am more relaxed.  At any rate, I am out lots and lots and Momma sees me way more often and she likes that.  Ichiro does not know what to make of it and because I still swat him and hiss at him (Momma even told me I was mean once! ME!) it makes him very anxious.

Momma is hoping that the two of us will settle down sometime.  I do not know.  I like being feisty!


  1. It sounds like you get some good Bird and Squirrel TV over there, Gemini! Too bad it is only temporary.

  2. You are looking very regal, Miss Gemini! Happy you like the temporary home and hope you will like the new home just as much. Maybe things will settle down with Ichiro, but maybe not. Tanith still doesn’t like me, but I have learned to live with that.

  3. Watchin skwerls is great!

  4. Gemini, we’re glad you like your new home and that you have such a great spot to watch “TV.”

    We do hope things settle down between you and Ichiro, though you know Annie and Nicki never made peace, unfortunately. We have our fingers crossed for you both, though!

  5. Gemini, it looks like you have your very own TV!!! Cool.
    As for Ichiro, well it does not hurt to keep that little boy
    in line 😉
    Purrs Tillie & Georgia

  6. Gemini, we’re so happy you are doing well in the new place. Have fun watching Squirrel and Bird TV!!

  7. Looks like you get a great bird/squirrel channel at your place! Did I hear that your new place will have even better bird/squirrel tv?

  8. Gemini, this is very good news. We’re wondered how you would adjust. Smaller is cozy and your mom will no doubt prep you for the bigger move.

  9. That is so great that you have such good squirrel and bird TV. We cannot believe that you are norty. Sometimes kitties just don’t get along. Hope it gets better. Just take things day by day. Take care.

  10. I sure am glad you have a comfy and safe TV spot!

  11. Miss Gemini I like you feisty too!
    I bet that would be a good place to watch the birds and squirrels!
    I just had a poof tail, Mom says I am on the prowl. I think that I detected an introoder, but Mom did not see it. But it was there, I know, because I saw it.


  12. Glad you are settling in so well, Gemini! I am FOR being feisty.

  13. That is a great spot for watching for critters outside. This is better than the tv turned to Animal Planet. This is real live action!

  14. Ha ha, Bird and Squirrel TV is just what my cat Rusty likes to watch. Gemini looks very sweet and innocent but I’ll bet she can be a feisty one!

  15. That’s a prime spot you got there, Gemini! And we have diffusers in our house too, though now we are just a small family again, we may not need them but Teri just put one down by the sliding door in our bird n squirrel watchin station cuz we kinda get upset when we see TomTom outside…

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