Sunday Guest Star: Cory

Cory Cat stepped right up and quickly found me. That was a relief as it was a really rainy weekend and the sun on my belleh was making it a little wet.  Okay that is a Pacific Northwest joke… Cory said, “OMC! Your on the 1-5 Bridge over the Columbia River in between Portland and Vancouver.”    Fortunately no one raised the bridge while I was stretching like that either!

Maobert was a little bit miffed saying, “I think it’s cheeting to let Portland peeple gess.”  Well as I did not see him making a guess or saying he knew where I was I think it’s good to let Portland people (and cats) guess.  I could still be lying up there!

The Woman was down in that area again this last weekend but she did not go over that Bridge.  But she was there for a memorial for her friend who just did cross the bridge.  It was a lovely memorial.  The aunt of the Woman’s friend said, “Oh you’re Bonnie. You had Simone.  She talked about Simone all the time.” Simone was the Siamese who came before.  The Woman had to laugh that her friend talked about her cat so much to her family that they all remembered!


  1. Simone must have been an awesom Meezer! I would have worked hard to find her as well…if she got lost.

    Glad I could find you quickly Chey. That bridge goes up and down frequently so I’d hate to think of what would have happened…::shudder::



  2. Oh Bast, we missed it again! What is it about Thursday nights why we just dont get online?

  3. You’re such a clever girl, Cory!

    The Chans

  4. Cory sure is a smart one and not geographically challenged at all!

  5. Congrats to Cory!

  6. ConCatulations to Cory! If you had to wait for us, you’d still be there!!

    The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

  7. ConCatulations to Cory! If you had to wait for us, you’d still be there!!

    The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

  8. Wow, we would’ve never guessed Portland, but then again we’ve never been there. We’re glad Cory found you though. We don’t want a sopping wet Chey.

  9. That is a funny Northwest joke, Chey. Glad Cory rescued you form all that sun.

  10. Heck, we never guess right, but it’s cool that Cory did! She has a proximity advantage, but that’s ok!

  11. Meezers are always awesome. However, we would have never figured out Chey’s location. LOL about the weather.

  12. Thank Cod for Cory! Mommy says the sun in Portland is the reason she lives in the desert.

  13. It just occurred to me… do you think it is safe for cats to cross the bridge?!?! I would hate to go to the Rainbow Bridge by mistake…

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