Sunday Guest Star: Cody and Gracie

Well it took a little bit and a hint, and Cody and Gracie came by and said, “We can’t figure out the name of the statue, but we think you are on the corner of Northeast Sandy Blvd and I-30 in Portland, Or. You are near the Jim Dandy Drive-in Restaurant (we think). Cody and Gracie”

Pretty close you two.  Eric and Flynn also came by and said, “We are stumped! We have googled areas just East of Portland but haven’t been able to come up with anything. We will try and persuade mum to keep trying. Maybe you could ask the man in the middle of the road for directions.”

Then they said, “Found it!!! (we think)As Joe Rossi and friends dedicated the long-anticipated Portland Immigrant Statue at the traffic island at the intersection of Northeast 99th Avenue, Sandy Boulevard and Killingsworth Street on October 1, the message was that it symbolized not the Rossi clan (some have speculated it is a statue of Rossi’s great-grandfather, which Rossi has consistently denied), but our common heritage.” And they were very right on that one.

Finally, based on a comment I made that the statue was a little bit east of Cory Cat, they said, “We saw that when people living in Portland say East etc, they mean the actual east of the city not towards the east and googling East Portland made all the difference from looking at places east of Portland. Does that make sense? We know what we mean.”

It’s true up in Seattle too.  East means east of Lake Washington but typically West of the mountains.  East of the Mountains is either East of the Mountains or Eastern Washington.  If you mean New York you say back east.  Even Ohio is back east.  Some people even refer to Chicago as “back east.”  East however, typically means Bellevue and it’s environs.

Portland is much the same–east means anything east of downtown Portland  but typically west of the mountains.  East of the mountains is Eastern Oregon.  For other cities, see Washington’s definitions…

I guess that’s what happens when pretty much EVERYTHING is east…In fact the FAR EAST is really just a little bit west of us.  As for Cory’s comment about Idaho–I’m not sure where that is.  It’s somewhere east of  Eastern Washington…


  1. Amazing! We are most impressed!

  2. Congrats to Cody and Gracie!

  3. ConCats to the winners! A lot of investigation went into that!
    The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

  4. That was a tough one, Chey! We’re so glad Cody and Gracie finally found you!!

  5. We’ve never been to Portland (or the west coast for that matter) so we wouldn’t have been able to help you. We’re glad you got found by Cody and Gracie.

  6. Hooray for smart ones everywhere!

  7. HA! In Vegas “West” means Cali!
    Of course Mommy has problems with Up and Down, so maps are meaningless to her…

  8. It all sounds very complicated. Thanks for coming by to say hello to Dante.

    We hope you had a wunnerful Thanksgiving.

  9. We are thrilled that Cody and Gracie found you. Well done. We sure want Chey to get home.
    Take care.

  10. Congrats to the winners!

    Thank you for coming by and for caring about our Yoko. She is doing much better!

  11. We are glad you were found quickly! Congrats to Cody and Gracie…

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