Find Chey Friday

Well you know, if you gotta get lost, at least these guys are interesting.  Now, if only I could get home.  Can anyone help?  I’d also like to add that I am pleased to only be virtually lost rather than really gone like my friend Kimo. His folks could use some good thoughts and hugs.  After you tell me how to get home, I’d love it if you’d go over there and send them some.

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  1. I have been over to add my come-home purrs for Kimo to return safely.

    OK Chey, after all these years you are not serious about me being able to find you, are you?

  2. Ribbett……ribbettt….


  3. We suspect you might have to book a plane ticket to get home, Chey. Are you at Boston Common’s Frog Pond?

  4. The Poupounette have beaten us to it. Boston is one of the places that our Humans have visited for one day only on a cruise and want to go back to. They are hoping to go there next year and stay for a few days.
    We agree that it is The Frog Pond in the middle of Boston Common Park. It is used as an ice skating rink in the winter.

  5. We have come to the conclusion the only way we will ever be a Sunday Guest Star is if you choose the one who does NOT know where Chey is … our ZH is a total loser, as she never knows where Chey is … so be it.
    Froggie went a-courtin’ and found the purrty Chey, perhaps we’ll know the answer on
    yet another day.

  6. Pixel and Samba says:

    Chey so you are down the street from us and we are so late we do not win ;( You can come visit us before heading home. We are 20 min outside of Boston. Mom knows that place all too well.
    “The Boston Common Frog Pond sits at the heart of Boston Common, one of America’s oldest and most treasured public parks. With a winter ice rink and skating school; a reflecting pool in the spring and fall; and a summer spray pool and children’s carousel; there is always a fun and exciting activity for residents and tourists alike. And the year-round café is a welcome respite no matter what the temperature.” Mom has a kid gone there and played in the pond. She does not know how to use skate or would have done that too. Do not forget to go visit the swan boats and also the pub that cheers was based on is right there. Well the outside is anyway but it would be a great photo op for the presidential candidate like you.

  7. We didn’t know where you were, Chey, but we think that is a pretty cool spot to be lost.

  8. Chey, there are kitties that are waaaay faster and smarter than us!! We’re glad you were found…now let’s purr that Kimo is found too!!

  9. you’re playing frogger.

  10. Wow, those across the Pond found me–the Poupounette and Eric and Flynn and Pixel and Samba came by to see what all the commotion was and found me too! Good going!

  11. That is some crowd, but I never know either!

  12. Glad you got found, that looks like a pawsome place to visit.

    We are so worried about Kimo, we are purring extra hard he gets his furry self home soon.

  13. WE never know where you are either. Good thing there are so many smart people out there that can find you Chey. Like the Island cats said, now we all need to go find Kemo. We sure hope Kemo comes home.

  14. cool hiding spot. we almost didn’t see you

  15. We are glad you were found Chey.
    Now only to find Kimo.

    Hello sweet Miss Gemini.

  16. We sure are glad you were found. Chey! 🙂

  17. Wow ! You were lucky to be found so fast. Maybe we can find Kimo now too. We’re really worried about him.

    The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

  18. You got found pretty fast, Chey. I hope that Kimo can get found now, too.

  19. Happy week-end Missie Chey and to your furrlings, Gemini and Ichiro too

    big bonks

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