Find Chey Friday

Look at all the little cars racing by.  I wonder where they are all heading off to?  Such a nice day. So unusual. Yes, this was taken a few months ago. You’d never see this now.  But I am liking the sunshine on my belleh.  Now if only I can find a way home…

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  1. OMC! Your on the 1-5 Bridge over the Columbia River in between Portland and Vancouver.

  2. Is it the bridge to Terrabithia?

  3. Very good Cory! I knew you’d find me!

  4. I would have whapped my mom hard if she didn’t help me on this one since she just was on the bridge this past weekend!


  5. My humans will miss it this weekend as they’ll probably take Glenn Jackson. They are heading down for the Woman’s friend and our PDX pet sitter’s memorial service on Saturday–not much more than 24 hours all said and done. But it will be a long time between fishy flakes!

  6. I think it’s cheeting to let Portland peeple gess.

  7. I’m shur that Smartypants Kaika would agree with me

  8. I am glad Cory found you quickly. I did not know where you were.

  9. We’re glad Cory found you. Be careful, that looks like a dangerous place to sleep.

    The (clueless) Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

  10. We dunno…as ususal…thank cod Cory found you!!

  11. Beau beau an angie says:

    Dat wuz a kwik one. Yoo trying to look rounded like one of da bridges?

  12. Wow, those smart ones sure found you quick!!!

  13. Good thing you were found Chey!!!
    That bridge is not kitty friendly we’re sure,
    AND it is too close to water 😮

    Purrs Tillie and Georgia,
    Tiger,Treasure and JJ

  14. Wow, that is a great bridge. We sure are glad Cory found you so quickly. We would have never guessed but then we never do. So what else is new. Have a great day.

  15. Well, Mommy was gonna guess the Bridge of Sighs on the Road to Nowhere…Mommy is an idiot.

  16. We are NEVER right, but in our mind, that is the bridge that crosses to Key West in Florida!!!

  17. Those sharp bits must be like Japanese massage on your spine, Chey.

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