Cheysuli’s 5 or 6 point plan for T W D

Cheysuli announced her five or six point plan for Total World Domination.

First, she plans to create her own town.

Second, she will make sure all sentient beings (including plants and Ichiro) will have the right to vote.

Third, she will become Mayor.

Fourth, upon being mayor she will set up a utopia in her city.

Fifth, she will secede from the Union and form her own independent nation.

Sixth, all other nations will love the culture and utopian identity of her perfect little town and want to join.  She will allow this, only if they promise ham and fishy flakes to all cats.  Cultural victories in Civ are always the best, aren’t they?


  1. We like Chey’s plan!

    The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

  2. Chey, you’re gonna be busy doing all that!!

  3. That’s a really good plan Chey! Once you figure out the town you are taking over, let me know. I’ll lobby for a sock factory to be built there…and maybe an artisan cheese maker or 2…

  4. I love the part about ham and fishy flakes!

  5. You have set yourself up with a very busy schedule Chey. Hope it all works out for you and that you let us into your new world. Take care.

  6. Ummm … don’t we already run the world with Meezer World Domination?

  7. Fishie Flakes for all? That is my kind of plan!

  8. I feel better knowing that someone is workingg on something!

  9. um, wait. Ichiro is a plant?

  10. Chey
    You have vision and ambition!

    Hello sweet Miss Gemini and what is your role in Chey’s vision?


  11. We hope you have room for all the immigrants!

  12. Hey Chey! If you need any help campaigning for that great idea, I have seven felines who would be happy to help out if you paid them some of your ham and fishie flakes!

  13. As long as there is a house with a garden we get to go out into there, we hope the plan werks!!!

  14. Holy Cod! Dat is one heck of a plan. We likes yur vizzyun!

  15. Can we keep all the republicans out? lol


  16. I shall institute programs that will make sure they don’t want to be here anyway!

  17. Chey, you are so smart the way you think these things up.

  18. Excellent plan. FAZ

  19. Chey is one smart cat! We’d like to live there and gobble fishy flakes all day long…

  20. Chey, how egalitarian of you to allow Ichiro to vote 😉 Happy 11.11.11!

  21. We like this plan, Chey. You won’t have to get lost and found every weekend then. Everyone will know where you are.

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