Wednesday With Chey

Chey watching the toy with IchiroHey! How come Ichiro is in my Wednesday shot?  This is so wrong!  And you know what?  I might not even have a Find Chey Friday.  I guess Friday is the day they are going to have the pod people come.  Yes, they are having people move stuff into the storage pods for them.  The Pods go on Saturday and then Sunday they have to pack the rest of the stuff up and the truck dudes some on Monday and then it will be over!

I REALLY won’t know where I am or how to get back if I go travelling on Friday!

For now I am keeping a really close eye on my fishy flakes AND my toys.


  1. It sounds like maybe no one will be able to find you this Friday, Chey!

  2. Oh, I do hope they don’t put your fishy flakes in the pod! Definitely don’t go traveling on Friday, Chey.

  3. Yeah … careful wot they pod up! Unless Ichiro is to paw! Tee hee!

  4. Good to keep an eye on the fishy flakes and toys!!
    Those scary pod people might not know how important they are!!
    Don’t get packed in one OK?!!!!!!!
    Purrs Tillie and Georgia

  5. Don’t try hiding in the pod, Chey…that wouldn’t be good at all!

  6. We’ll cross our paws your fishy flakes and toys don’t disappear!

    Good luck!

  7. oh oh oh good luck with the m-werd!

  8. and don’t let the pod people take ofur your body!

  9. Yes, it’s hard when things are changing, Chey! I imagine Ichiro is wondering what is going on, too, and looking to you for guidance. Just believe me when I say everything will be OK.

  10. We are keeping paws crossed for you guys. This is the time to stick together with a few of your favorites things, and of course extra fishy flakes.

  11. Oh noes! Chey that sounds like a lot of skerry confusion!

  12. Pod are NOT a good Hidey Hole, Chey. srsly.

    We moved 20 months ago and we’re just about to get over it…

  13. Keep away from those pods Chey, we won’t be able to find you in there.

  14. Oh Chey, we sure hope it all goes well for you. Keep in touch in case the fishy flakes disappear, we will come running to bring you some more. We are sending tons of purrs that you don’t end up in a pod. Please be careful. Take care.

  15. Make sure you’re not packed into a Pod.

  16. If nobody finds you Chey we will look in the pods!

  17. Keep the fishy flakes close at all times. They are precious.

  18. Chey, moving is no fun. Keep a hold of those fishy flakes and toys! I hope efurrything goes well.

  19. Oh Chey, it is distressin when the beans move us from one place to another. Shadow and I has lived in 3 different places with the beans, since we were gottid.

    Fanks fer stoppin by for our purrthday/gotcha day!

    Molly and Shadow

  20. Well, 1st WE know where Chey will be on Friday! HOME!

    2nd, have a safe m, uh mo, uh ack, we cant say the werd!

    3rd, is it safe ta send a little giftie fer delivery next Wensday? – Ayla

    Have a safe and calm move (I can say the word). – TBT

  21. We feel for you Chey. Good luck with the move!

  22. Chey…you stick close to Gemini and Ichiro…we will purr for you. This moving stuff sounds scary!

  23. We really won’t be able to find you on Friday. Don’t get abducted into a pod.

  24. Very wise, Chey. Fishy flakes and toys could easily get lost during a move.

  25. Oh my Bast! Run! The Pod people are coming! The Pod people are coming!

    They’ll take our humans and make pod people out of them. Who will open our stinky goodness? Who will give us chin scritches??

    Run! Run!

  26. OMC Chey – the human actually remembered to come to your site on a FRIDAY to find you, only to find out your humans have been abducted by Pod People…. sheez… what a crazy world you are living in! Thank goodness you are keeping such a close eye on those fishy flakes…

  27. Oh, dear, we’re glad you didn’t get lost today. We’d hate for you to be permanently lost. That would be tragic.

    We hope you all have a peaceful move – if there is any such thing.

  28. Oh, no! The M-word day has come! I hope that your toys and fishy flakes didn’t get lost.

  29. Sending positive purrs for a good move and transition.

  30. Thanks for the purrthday wishes. Hope you are adjusting to your new place to live.

  31. Hope you all are settled in!!
    Your TX furiends,

  32. Hi girlies — oh and of course Mr Ichiro.
    We hope you are doing great and looking forward to find out where you wound up MOL

    big bonks!!

  33. We hope you had a safe move! It was upsetting a couple weeks ago when 2 family members moved out to live closer to work……..the noise, the door slamming, the loud trucks!!!! We were in no admittance zones for our safety =^Y^=

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