Tabby Tuesday

This may be one of the last times I get to wash on our nice bamboo floor.  We will have a different sort of floor in the new house. Momma says it is darker and it will match my furs a bit better.   I hope so!  Although, Momma and I both like the bright cheeriness of the bamboo color we have.

Momma said the apartment will be very small.  I do not mind so long as there is a closet for me to hide in.  I am a little worried about the new house. Momma has a big old walk in closet and I do not think I will like it so much if people can just walk in and find me!  I like to hide!

Late at night I get a little bit worried about all this moving stuff and I have to meow and meow and meow.  I kept Momma up all night one night. Now they leave the door open for me but Ichiro keeps them up all night.  I think he should be left behind.


  1. Gemini, the bigger the closet, the more hiding place there will be!

    Don’t even think of leaving Ichiro behind….my mom would go fetch him and that would mean 10 cats living here…you must save me from that. Take him and all his adorable floofiness with you. I’m counting on you.

  2. Chey, if you will send us yer new address (and the date ta send it), I have a apartment-warming package ta send you! It will make sense when ya see it. Its something ya dont have and wont take up space.


  3. A walk-in closet?! Those are the worst! My human had one at the last house we lived in and it was just awful – they were in and out of there way too often!

  4. That’s the best part about moving. You can leave annoying siblings behind. at least, we hope you can.

  5. Oh Gemini, we’ve never had to move so we don’t know what it is like, but we hope it goes smoothly for you and you will have a closet to hide in where no one can find you.

  6. We can only imagine how scary it must be to move. We have our paws crossed that all goes well and that you’re not TOO stressed. Please don’t make yourself sick, like Derry must have done when the mom was away (his cystitis).

    Purrs and kitty kisses from us!

  7. The rumble you hear is the collective purr of us sending calming clouds of peace during this transition.

  8. Oh dear oh dear I shall worry about my darling Gemini now.
    This “moving” thing must be very traumatic.
    I have always been here (well since I was dumped I’ve always lived here) so I don’t know what this “move” would be like. I will purr deeply for you.

  9. I think that once you get the new place all furred up it will be just like home again!

  10. Gemini dere is always a hidey place to be found – make a new and improved one in the new place.

    Fanks fer stoppin by for my Gotcha Day!


  11. Oh Chey, we are so glad we have never had to move. We have our paws crossed that you don’t mind too much.

    PS: walk in closets make great hiding places. Does it have a top shelf. If so get up there and then when your Mom walks in drop down on her, we bets she will scream!!!!!!!

  12. Gemini, we also think that there will always be a safe place for you to hide 🙂
    If your new house has more room,you have more hiding places!!
    We can’t wait to see you next to the new floor.
    Purrs Tillie and Georgia
    PeeEss: Mom giggled at the comment about taking your Vet’s head off 🙂 heeheehee

  13. We hope all your moving will be OK, just so the beans don’t leave you behind and I doubt they will.

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