Tabby Tocks Tuesday

Momma obsesses about my pretty tocks.  She is always feeling to be sure there is only fur there and sometimes she even trims my fancy pants furs!  And then she feels around for mats so she can comb them out.  I hate that a whole lot.   I do not like having my furs combed out like that.

Momma told me we would be moving in a couple of weeks.  I do not think I like this idea.  I do not like it already as stuff is getting moved around in my house into places I do not think it should go.  A cat should have a say in all this, shouldn’t she?


  1. I can’t believe they didn’t consult you in all of this Gemini. There should be something in the house contract that has space for cat paw prints to document your approval.

    Cute ‘tocks!

  2. You have beeeyoutiful tabby tocks! Obi needs his mats combed out, but he hates that, so Maw ends up trimming them out and leaving fur-less spots on him. You might want to be lucky that you still have all of your fur!

    Luf, Us

  3. Last time we moved, it was to such an awesome new house that I did not care! I immediately forgot all about the old, not-so-hot house.

  4. You do have gorgeous ‘tocks, Gemini!

    Moving is a pain for all concerned. We wlil be crossing our paws that your move goes very smoothly.

    The Chans

  5. Gemini, you have lovely tocks 🙂
    We find the humans seldom consult us when decisions are made.
    Maybe things will go well and you will like your new place like Sparkle does !
    Purrs Tillie and Georgia

  6. Both you and Ichiro have impressive fluffy tocks, Gemini. Great for Tocktober! Good luck with the moving headaches.

  7. Fluffy and floofy tocks… Have a great day….

    pawhugs, Max

  8. Gemini, what beautiful furry tocks you have! Mine are like that too and the lady with the yellow hair is obsessed with keeping mine nice too. What is with humans anyways??


  9. You have gorgeous tocks, Gemini, no question!

    We’re sorry about the upset of moving, but maybe the new place will turn out to be better for you! Good luck!

  10. Lovely tocks. We are sure we wouldn’t like moving either. We have always been in this house (except maestro) and don’t like the idea of changing spaces….. Good luck!

  11. Gemini, you definitely should have a say in the moving of stuff. After all, half of it is yours. We think your tocks are purrfect. That would be a horrible thing to have to have your knots combed out. Yikes. Take care.

  12. Cats should have the veto on moving in my opinion. However, if you have to move, at least you’ll great while doing it.

  13. You go t some good looking tocks sweet Gemini! Oh, moving, change is so stressful, but before you know it the new place will be normal.

  14. Miss Gemini
    You have such gorgeous *blush* floofy tocks!
    I am so sorry to hear that all of your stuff is being moved around.
    I daresay that the next few months may hold some great challenges,but we know that you and Chey and Ichiro will all be very happy in your new home when it is finished.

  15. You are moving??!! Oh no
    who asked you about this?

    Your butt and your puffy flowerpants look very sweet, Missie Gemini

    big bonks

  16. Oh, Gemini, we love your floofy tabby tocks! You wear them very proudly! Don’t the humans know how upsetting it is to us to MOVE things, much less MOVE us!

  17. You have lovely soft looking tabby tocks Gemini.

  18. Gemini, those are might fine fur pants. No need to get your knickers in twist. The humans will take it one step at a time and keep you in the loop.

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