Sunday Guest Stars: ‘Kaika, Cory, and Derby and Ducky

Well I had a lot of cats find me. ‘Kaika found me first (smarty pants) and then Cory and Derby and Ducky. Technically Derby and Ducky were most correct, if only they had the right state, saying, “We were gonna say sitting by the handicap parking spot in front of the Floyd County courthouse. But we didn’t know the state. Glad someone found you.”  Fortunately ‘Kaika knew, “Are you are at the courthouse in Floyd, Virginia?” And so did Cory, “All I know is that you are the Floyd County courthouse because it is not blurred out and even our mom can read it to us…so…anyway…there are many Floyd county courthouses…but you are definitely at the one in Virginia. My paws can google with the best of them.”

The Woman blurred the name a bit but when it got bigified you could read it quite clearly–so she must bigify it a bit before she decides if you can read it!  Fortunately for me, it was an easy find!   And of course there I was hanging by the handicap spot.

Au and Target said, “Chey is this filing part of your run for Prez????”

I must say that I am not running for president.  I do not even have a Cheypac to raise money for me.  I know you all want me too but it just isn’t in the cards this time.


  1. Chey, next time can you send us a great big hint…like the ANSWER? heh heh. We say why run for president when you already rule the world?

  2. Mom’s eyes are so bad she couldn’t read the blurred out words. God for those who found you!

  3. So glad you were found! Maybe when Mom Paula slows down a little bit and I settle down a little bit, we can play again!


  4. Thank you furry much for the wonderful birthday greeting! One of my birthday wishes this year is to accompany you on one of your exciting adventures around the world. Mommy keeps me strictly indoors so I really dunno much about what this big big world is like. And so I live vicariously through your many worldly adventures. Thank you!

  5. Congrats to all the cats that found you! That’s the last time we trust google images and we gotta make sure we check twice!

  6. I am just not that good at figuring out these things. You could have the name of the place scrambled in a message and I would still not figure it out.

  7. Glad you were found Chey…was thinking that soon you won’t even know where your home is….sigh.

  8. Smart, smart, smart and they all always impress me!

  9. Concats to all who found you.

  10. We are glad ya were found easily; we forgot again! Too bad yer not runnin fer President this time, but we know it is alot of werk.

  11. Your friends are getting smarter by the week. Too bad this granny cat is way past the point of being educated.

  12. Awww Chey you were supposed to hold a BIG noos conference to announce you weren’t running for President In Cat.

    Hello gorgeous Miss Gemini

  13. Yay for the smart kitties that found you 🙂
    Not running for Pres??That will make next year boring :/
    At least we know where to “find” you .
    Right here!!!! heeheehee

    Purrs Tillie and Georgia

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