Meezer Mancat Monday

Keep rubbing and you’ll be sorry…


  1. OMC! Meezer belly!!!!!!

  2. divakitty says:

    Must. Snorgle. Fluff.

  3. My mom wants to rub that floofy belly so much that she’s willing to suffer the consequences!


  4. ha ha ha…will you be going crazypants on the hand?

  5. that belly needs a rubbing, ichiro

  6. Uh-oh, that does not look like a friendly belly!

  7. Look out Ichiro!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Mom wants to plant a BIG kiss on that tummy!!!!!!!!!
    Purrs Tillie and Georgia

  8. But who can resist the floofy tummy of doom?

  9. Those eyes are giving out quite a warning!

  10. That is QUITE the photo!!!

    The Chans

  11. Oops! The mom’s moving her hand away now….

  12. Well don’t tempt our mum then!

  13. :snorgle:

    Sorry, that was our mom ~ she’ll just hafta take the consequences.

  14. Mom says she wants to be sorry….

  15. Show it and they shall rub!

  16. We see where this is going. Watch out mom. We are jealous of those floofy furs. Our are so short.

  17. Well like most other people we are going to take the consequences. That tummy is too inviting not to give it a rub. It is all you fault Ichiro for showing us that gorgeous belleh. Take care.

  18. Oh my! My human Tommy says your tummy is there for takin’—she thinks your gorgeous. I think I’m glad you live a few miles away otherwise Tommy would come and get you!


  19. Oh the Mom is tempted but she sees the LOOK on the face!

    Hello gorgeous Miss Gemini

  20. You are such a tease Ichiro!

  21. If you expose the belleh, it must be snorgled!

  22. Heh, heh heh, that’s pretty funny.


    PS I’ll take your belly rubs.

  23. Oh Ichiro, you are tempting all the moms wif your gorgeous floofy belleh!

  24. Don’t tempt us, chey, just don’t.

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