Find Chey Friday

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Well I decided to hang out here for awhile, to take a rest but now I can’t figure out exactly where I am.  Does anyone know? Can I get directions home?  Who has the best GPS?  I’m trying to get one tied to my paw!



  1. Are you are at the courthouse in Floyd, Virginia?

  2. Well ‘Kaika, you could be right… I guess that name wasn’t blurred out as much as the woman thought it was!

  3. Are you filing a case against ichro for harassment ?

  4. We are not sure where you are,but judging by the flags,
    it looks windy!!
    Better wait indoors 🙂
    Purrs Tillie and Georgia

  5. Okay…we got our mom to help out this time and she Googled Floyd County…you are at the Floyd County Courthouse in New Albany, IN. But why would you go there, Chey??

  6. Find you? We can’t even find our Mom and Dad right now! Something about a Nova Scotia…where not sure what that means. We’re glad you have such smart and helpful pals!!

    The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

  7. OH NO! I think we have to help the Florida Furkids find their mom and dad AND find you Chey…a kitties work is never done. All I know is that you are the Floyd County courthouse because it is not blurred out and even our mom can read it to us…so…anyway…there are many Floyd county courthouses…but you are definitely at the one in Virginia. My paws can google with the best of them.


    Cory who is off to Nova Scotia to search for the Furkids parents

  8. I just came by to see who found you, they sure were quick today!

  9. Geez, this is the last time we trust Google Images. Our mom found an image of that courthouse and it said it was in Indiana. But we checked again just now, and Cory is right…it’s in Virginia! So Cory beat us in finding you!

    Even when we think we’re right, we’re wrong!

  10. Actually I think ‘Kaika found me first–but I am glad that Cory was there to help!

  11. Chey, we noticed you are by the handy handicapped spot. We wonder if all cats apply for handicapped stickers for ease in finding parking spots?

  12. Well rats…even our Mommy had a fighting chance at this one. heh heh.

  13. Well at least this time we knew you were at a court house. How is that??/ MOL. Glad you got found so early Chey. Now you can come home. Hope all of you have a super week end.

  14. Well Chey we are glad you have been founded!!
    Hello sweet gorgeous Miss Gemini.

  15. Already found. May be we’ll try next week.

  16. It looks like a school. I am glad it is really a courthouse. I hope you are not in any legal trouble…

  17. We can’t believe it! We forgot it was Friday and it is Saturday now. We could read that it said Floyd County court house, but we wouldn’t have known which one. Concats to ‘Kaika.

  18. Chey is this filing part of your run for Prez????

  19. Willow and I are so glad that you were found and not in trouble at that courthouse, Chey!

    Purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrs, China Cat

  20. We were gonna say sitting by the handicap parking spot in front of the Floyd County courthouse. But we didn’t know the state. Glad someone found you.

  21. Dear heavens Chey – will our human ever get with the program and pop by your blog on a FRIDAY instead of a day later? Not that it matters, as usual, she would have guessed wrong. She thought it looked like a post office. We apologize in advance for her shortcomings…. Sigh….

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