World Cat Day

Chey on the World

Happy World Cat Day!


  1. Happy World Cat Day to you!

  2. Happy World Cat day! Purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrs

  3. Duh! Mom took us to the old blog ferst ~ she’s hopeless! But now we’ve organised her wiv the noo feed. :sigh: It’s hard getting efficient staff!

    Happy World Cat day to you all! Smoochies.

  4. Love the graphic! Happy World Cat Day to you all!

  5. Happy World Cat Day!

  6. Love that graphic! Happy WCD!

  7. Happy World Cat Day!!

    we hope to be up to speed commenting by next week…secretaries…sheesh.

  8. A very Happy world cat day to all of you. Hope you have a good one with lots of extra treats. Take care.

  9. happy world cat day to you an’ all yer fambly! thanks fur visitin’ us!! we hopes ichiro’s gotcha party was super-cool–it’s not efurry day you becomes a mancat;-)

  10. Chey, that is a very clever picture!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Happy World Cat Day 🙂

    Purrs Tillie and Georgia

  11. Happy World Cat Day Chey, Miss Gemini and Ichiro!

  12. Happy World Cat Day to all of you!!

  13. Happy World Cat Day! I love your graphic!

  14. Happy World cat day to all of you.
    That is a great picture, but we hope you don’t get water in your ear from the Panama Canal.

  15. Happy World cat day to all of you~!! My dear friends~!
    I can see your big face on earth!

  16. We have been spotty commenting today so we are going to try to zip around this evening and tell our friends we hope they had a great World Cat Day and may it be a fab World Cat Year!

  17. Happy WCD.

  18. If this was Find Chey I think I could get this one…

  19. We found the new place finally. Happy Belated World Cat Day. Our Daddy got back from San Diego yesterday, so we have been busy welcoming him home.

    MOL, his bags didn’t get back until today.

  20. We are catching up (always) and appurrciate your visits and comments so much! We are sure you had a great World Cat Day with extra Fishy Flakes, right?!

  21. Hey Chey you’re awfully quiet. You ok? Happy Belated Cat Day to you too.

    I’ve got a piece in The Star, the Malaysian newspaper today that’s a Living In Malaysia story like my blog. You can read it for free at

  22. Chey yoo is not lost there are yoo? But if yoo was, even we know where yoo is! MOL

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